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The Days for Girls Podcast: My Top 5 Favorite Episodes!

Last week, we published the 25th episode of the Days for Girls Podcast! 

It has been an absolute privilege to host so many brilliant leaders, innovators and change-makers each week for the past five months. To celebrate this tremendous milestone, I want to share a few of my favorite episodes with you. These are the interviews where I personally walked away feeling more informed and uplifted about my work at Days for Girls as the Chief Communications Officer and Host of The Days for Girls Podcast. Let’s dive in!

  1. Episode 014: Menstrual Activism & How Feminist Thinking Becomes Feminist Doing with Chris Bobel

Chris Bobel is a scholar of social movements, an author and a professor specializing in the intersection of feminist theory and menstrual health activism. She lectures on Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts.

In this episode, Chris shares deep insights from her 20 year career in menstrual health advocacy and research – like how studying the body can provide a window into social hierarchies and norms; the consequences of corporate industry exploiting period shame to sell products; and how the “pad promotion” approach to menstrual health issues – driven by misogyny and capitalism – does a disservice to menstruators. 

If you missed this episode, add it to your queue today


2.    Episode 003: De-Stigmatizing Menstruation with Nancy Muller

Nancy Muller has more than 30 years of experience in the global health field. She currently works as an independent consultant at the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, where her team strives to break down the barriers of menstrual awareness by improving health systems globally. 

In this episode, Nancy joined us to share her personal experiences in the field and discuss various menstruation products and sanitation technologies in India and Africa. We also discussed gender roles in the menstrual movement, including the importance of women leaders and supportive male allies.

This is a must-listen episode. Check it out here


3.   Episode 019: Feminine Wellness, Equity & Social Responsibility with Beatrice Dixon

Beatrice Dixon is the founder and CEO of The Honeypot Company: an innovative, natural, plant-based feminine care system that’s changing the intimate wellness game for all people with vaginas (and a treasured Days for Girls partner!). 

In this episode, Beatrice shares the unique origin story of The Honeypot; the company’s current offerings and social responsibility partnerships; and why she’s so passionate about leveraging her business to make a meaningful global impact. She also talks about the highs and lows of starting her own business from scratch – and leaves us with moving words about the tremendous value in struggle and resilience. 

I absolutely loved Beatrice’s spunk and wit and I highly recommend you give it a listen


4.  Episode 008: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Chipo Chikomo, Days for Girls Country Director in Zimbabwe

Chipo Chikomo is an award-winning DfG Social Entrepreneur, businesswoman and innovator whose work is revolutionizing the menstrual health space in Zimbabwe. She is the brilliant mind behind Nhanga Trust (meaning “girl’s bedroom” in the local Shona language): an Enterprise that trains women in underserved communities to sew and distribute DFG pads, tackling period poverty while earning an income for their families.

Chipo’s story is a testament to the power of forging your own path forward, no matter what obstacles stand in your way. In this episode, she shares what drove her to partner with Days for Girls, the challenges faced by Zimbabwean menstruators, the ins and outs of running a trailblazing social enterprise and her vision for the future. 

Tune in and get ready to be inspired! 


5.   Episode 020: Policy, Advocacy & Social Change with Emily Bell McCormick

Emily Bell McCormick is the founder of The Policy Project: a nonpartisan group of individuals and organizations that advocate for healthy, long-term U.S. policy changes at the local and national level. 

In this episode, Emily talks with us about a wide range of policy issues affecting menstruators in the United States, including the tampon tax, lack of free period products in public buildings and gaps in menstrual health education. 

I learned so much in this episode and I’m sure you will, too! Listen here. 


Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams is Chief Development & Communications Officer at Days for Girls International. She is also the host of The Days for Girls Podcast. Jessica holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University in Communications and a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from The University of Oregon. She is also an adjunct instructor for the University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business Nonprofit MBA program.