More than
500 million
people worldwide
do not have what
they need to
their periods

How Many Days Would You Lose?

What if you had to miss school or work because you did not have proper menstrual supplies? How many days per year would you lose in education and wages simply because you got your period? What if no one ever taught you about menstruation, or worse: if menstrual taboos and myths made you feel ashamed of your body? This is the situation for more than 500 million women, girls and menstruators worldwide. It's called Period Poverty.¹

Period Poverty

Period poverty is a term used to describe the struggle that many women and girls face because they lack access to adequate menstrual health management supplies and education, and it can have serious consequences.

The Global Impact

When women cannot tend to school, work or familial responsibilities because of period poverty, this impacts their families, communities and nations.²

The Days for Girls Solution

Days for Girls provides holistic menstrual health education, increases access to menstrual products, trains Social Entrepreneurs and advances global menstrual equity through partnerships with governments and health coalitions.
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