A Solution You Can Count On

The Days for Girls (DfG) Pad is a washable, reusable, beautiful menstrual health product that’s built to last. Our patented design, which includes a protective shield and absorbent liner, is backed by the latest menstrual health research and a decade of feedback from women around the world. It is a truly sustainable solution that menstruators can count on month after month, for up to three years.

The Basic Unit of a Kit

It all starts with a DfG Pad: the basic unit of a Days for Girls Kit. A DfG Pad contains one waterproof shield and two absorbent liners.

Why Choose DfG Pads?

Genius Design

Designed for maximum comfort and protection.

High user-acceptance.

Adapts easily to an individual’s flow.

Requires little water for washing and dries quickly.

Soft, super-absorbent cotton flannel with a moisture barrier.

Colorful fabric increases user confidence while hiding stains.

Wings snap securely around underwear.

Tri-fold liner design adds up to six layers of protection. Unfolds into a broad open surface area for easy washing and discreet drying.

Proven to last several years.

Introducing the DfG Kit

To manage menstruation effectively, a menstruator needs more than just a pad. That is why we offer Days for Girls Kits. 

DfG Kit U.S. Patent No. 9,877,878

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DfG Kits May Also Include

Care & use guide with visual instructions for how to care for DFG products and track menstrual cycles.

Carry pouch made of water-resistant fabric to discreetly and safely stow used liners while on the go.

Underwear for menstruators who may have few or no pairs.

Soap & washcloths for personal and DFG product care.

Drawstring bags made of beautiful locally sourced fabrics, provide a fashionable tote for DFG products and other everyday essentials.

We believe women and girls should have the power to choose how they want to manage their menstruation.

That is why we also offer DfG Menstrual Cups.


The DfG Menstrual Cup is FDA approved, made of medical grade silicone, and has been reported by users to last up to 10 years. It comes with a washing cup (for sanitizing) and a satin bag for storage.
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Vital Health Education Included

It doesn’t fit in a bag, but we always include health education during all of our Kit distributions. Education is a vital component to menstrual equity. Whether purchased directly by a customer from the community or distributed through a school or organization, our education seeks to shatter the shame and stigma associated with menstruation.

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Kit Options and Retail Prices

DfG Enterprises offer several versions of Kits to suit different needs. Contact us today to get a menu of options and pricing for your region.
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