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#PutOnYourPads Campaign Launches Today!

Today, Days for Girls is launching a campaign to help bring the topic of sustainable menstruation into public view in a personal way. Sometimes the topic can make people uncomfortable. But bringing awareness and raising funds for this vision is vital to the daily success of thousands of women worldwide.

Sports team members– both kids (and adults) the world over– need pads of all kinds. Knee pads, shoulder pads, elbow pads, body pads. In our develped world, we all need “pads” to make our lives function– iPads, legal pads, seat pads, and many more. Menstrual pads make lives function too, especially if you're a girl or woman in the third world. They can't go to school without them. They get stuck in a stuffy room on a piece of cardboard for a week, without them. They lose hope and dignity without them.

What do we get without our “pads” of various types? We go out and buy new ones. This is not a viable option for so many when it comes to feminine hygiene.

That's where Days for Girls and the Put On Your Pads campaign comes in.

How It Works
We're asking everyone with a smart phone and social media accounts to join us in using hashtag #putonyourpads
1- Take a picture of you with your pads– of any type! Football pads, volleyball kneepads, pad devices, legal pads, etc.
2- Post the pic to your social media accounts with #putonyourpads
3- In your post, challenge two friends to post their own pic or donate to Days for Girls

Many sports players can't go in the game without their pads– professionals can't work without various pads– So help keep girls in the game, and #PutOnYourPads.

For more information, visit the #putonyourpads page now!

Days for Girls
Days for Girls is an award-winning global NGO bringing menstrual health, dignity and opportunity to 3+ million girls (and counting!) worldwide.