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Period Positive Workplace Testimonial: Slum Soccer

Slum Soccer, a nonprofit organization based in India, has used the game of soccer to reach underprivileged and homeless youth since 2002. In recent years, it has begun emphasizing menstrual health (MH) as a goal of its organization’s mission.

Mahima Barse, the Human Resources Manager and Menstrual Hygiene Educator at Slum Soccer, has used her roles to create a more menstrual-friendly environment at the organization. Since joining Slum Soccer, Mahima has helped develop MH education and resources, destigmatize menstruation, and involve more people in the conversation around MH.

“It’s not just about providing pads,” said Mahima. “It’s about creating a positive space for girls.”

Mahima learned about the Period Positive Workplace (PPW) initiative on LinkedIn in late 2023 and quickly applied for certification. Now, Slum Soccer is using its PPW certification to advocate for WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) standards and promote the importance of MH in its community. The organization also attended the MH educational webinar offered with PPW certification, which benefited both their male and female employees.

“The webinar helped all our staff to open up about periods in a positive way,” Mahima said. “Both men and women shared their experiences of creating a period-positive culture and message inclusive of both genders.”

Since receiving Slum Soccer PPW certification, Mahima has been asked by many other organizations about how to join the initiative. For Mahima, she tells organizations that applying to be a PPW should be a mindful decision.

“Don’t do it for the sake of doing it,” Mahima said. “Do it so that if a girl or woman gets their period, they feel comfortable and like they’re in a safe place.”

Slum Soccer recognizes that deconstructing taboos around menstruation is a community effort. In addition to engaging school-age girls and boys with MH education, Slum Soccer also equips its adult men and women soccer coaches with MH knowledge.

Moving forward, Slum Soccer is focused on amplifying the conversation on MH through social media, increased resources, and organizational partnerships. Slum Soccer is committed to being at the forefront of local and global efforts to increase menstrual friendliness, starting on the football pitch.  

Said Mahima, “If we make periods positive, the world would be a better place.”

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