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Announcing the Loss of a Beloved Employee, Diana Nampeera

On April 18, 2022 Days for Girls experienced a tremendous loss when Diana Nampeera, Global Manager of Country Programs, passed away. We extend our deepest condolences to Diana’s family and the Uganda Office Team at this time. 

Diana has been a part of Days for Girls for over 10 years, and is a beloved member of the DfG family. Diana lived a beautiful and meaningful life. Her leadership, heart, passion, and dedication for elevating the needs of women and girls have been felt by many and will be greatly missed.

A Go Fund Me has been set up for those that wish to contribute support to Diana’s family to cover hospital bills, funeral, and burial expenses. Anything over that amount will be given to Diana’s family to provide support for her two young sons. 

In honor of Diana, we would like to share a few stories from her time with Days for Girls:

Diana Nampeera was the first Days for Girls Enterprise leader in the world. She had just started her own girls leadership club before learning about Days for Girls. After meeting and hearing all that we were doing and why, she left her own organization behind and went all in with Days for Girls. It takes a rare person to do that, and Diana was exceptional. What a difference her decision made! Her leadership was part of our growth and reach for more than 10 years. Her dedication and care leaves its own legacy.

To me, she is more than a valiant champion of Days for Girls, women’s equity, and communities in Uganda and around the world, she is also a dear friend and forever a part of the Days for Girls family. She is already deeply missed and her legacy of change-making will live on.”

Celeste Mergens, DfG Founder


Diana was a bright light. She was a natural leader, who was a joy to watch in action. While I was at the Uganda Office in 2019, a special convening of all the Enterprise Leaders in Uganda was held. Diana walked in the room and led with confidence and care. Over the years I’ve seen few people who lead as naturally as her. She was powerful, fearless, articulate and wise. She would take on any challenge for causes she believed in and people she cared about.

Diana was a cherished and integral part of the Days for Girls team and a phenomenal leader, who earned respect from all who had the pleasure of working with her. She was a beloved colleague and treasured friend. She will be missed tremendously. Our hearts are broken, but we will honor her memory by continuing to reach women and girls – a cause she was passionate about through to the very end.”

Tiffany Larson, DfG CEO


While visiting Uganda, I was able to see how much Diana cared for people. One day at DfG Uganda, a young man was hanging outside needing help. She gave him an odd job so he could make a little money, telling him how important it is to work. You could see that he was proud of receiving the pay. I was so impressed how she cared for everyone. She had wisdom and people mattered to her. She will be missed, but she will be remembered well.”

Gina Grimm, DfG CFO

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