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ANNOUNCING: Days for Girls’ Masks4Millions Campaign

Our emails and phone lines have been flooded with requests for face masks to distribute to medical personnel and patients around the world. Those who know Days for Girls know that we have 70,000 volunteers, and a majority of them are sewers, so these calls are not a surprise. We are ready to pivot to answer the need!

As a global community that has a long history of stepping up to challenges, we are calling on all of you to help respond to this critical need. Join us to participate in the DfG Masks4Millions campaign. Our goal is to provide millions of masks to hospitals and clinics around the world.

How does it work?

For all you sewers out there, we are asking that right now, in addition to the beautiful Days for Girls menstrual pads that you are sewing, also make face masks for medical personnel and patients while this need exists. Let's make sure we keep everyone safe and have the supplies they need while they are on the front lines.

Ready to get involved? Sign up HERE!

The document you receive will have patterns and FAQ's

Final thought: Periods do not pause for pandemics and many stores are already running low on pads and tampons, in some cases they are completely out.

Our washable pads are becoming an important solution for even more of us, and always smart to have on hand. Please keep assisting with the needs of your local food banks, and shelters, and making them available to others in need — perhaps even your neighbor.

Once you finish, take a photo and tag us at @daysforgirls using the hashtags #masks4millions and #padstomasks. And stay tuned for updates. Stay calm and wash on, sew on, serve on. Stay safe. You matter, too. ?

If you're unable to sew, you can still join us with a donation.

Days for Girls
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