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Period Positive Workplace Testimonial: Humanity & Inclusion

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) based in East Africa that is dedicated to working with people with disabilities and those affected by poverty, exclusion, conflict and disaster around the world. 

When HI learned about the Period Positive Workplace (PPW) initiative, they immediately wanted to learn how they could become involved.

Bridget Nabirye, Country Human Resources Manager at HI Uganda, recounted attending a meeting for INGOs about the PPW in 2023. Exposure to the PPW helped provide a new perspective on the importance of period product access in the workplace, something Bridget had not previously considered.

“When I attended, I was sure it was something that we needed to implement,” Bridget said.

When Bridget brought the idea of becoming period positive to HI’s senior management, they were instantly supportive. Not only did they support joining the PPW movement, but they also suggested to Bridget that period products be provided in their main offices and all their field sites.

Since kits with period products have been made available in their offices and field sites, HI’s employees have expressed appreciation. Bridget noted that the provision of period products brings a sense of comfort to their staff, both in the ease of access to products and the consideration it shows management has for employees.

It’s really interesting when you see people actually using the products when they have an emergency, you know you’re really adding value [to the workplace],” Bridget said. “It’s not something that’s just going to waste.”

Above all, Bridget emphasizes that the benefits of being a PPW far outweigh the limited costs. For HI, becoming a certified PPW has made them a more competitive employer by showing their care for employees who may experience unexpected periods or difficulty accessing period products. This is a benefit, Bridget notes, that more organizations could enjoy by becoming certified period positive workplaces.

It’s why I really push for it,” Bridget said. “It’s something that is affordable, it’s something that can be implemented. I don’t see why not [to] do it.”

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