Episode 017: Gender Equity, Social Science & Public Health with Puleng Letsie

Puleng is a public health education and gender specialist with more than 20 years of experience managing programs within the HIV,…

Episode 016: Period Poverty, Gender Equality & Resilience with DfG Founder Celeste Mergens

In this very special podcast episode, Celeste walks us through the founding of Days for Girls, the inspiration behind the mission…

Episode 009: Menstrual Health Equity for Women in Lebanon with Khayrieh Al Assaad

Khayrieh Al Assaad is a women’s rights advocate, civil engineer and businesswoman from Akkar Al Atika in North Lebanon.

Episode 008: Celebrating International Women’s Day with Chipo Chikomo, Days for Girls Country Director in Zimbabwe

Chipo Chikomo is an award-winning DfG Social Entrepreneur, businesswoman and innovator whose work is revolutionizing the menstrual health space in Zimbabwe.

Episode 004: Video Storytelling in Menstrual Health with Tania Safi

Today’s guest is Tania Safi, an award-winner videographer and storyteller.

Episode 003: De-Stigmatizing Menstruation with Nancy Muller

Today, Nancy joins us to share her personal experiences in the field and discuss various menstruation products and sanitation technologies in…

Episode 001: Menstrual Health Management in Kenya with Neville Okwaro

In this episode we talk about how Neville got into this work and what he’s experienced over the course of his…