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Why We Love Washable, Reusable Period Products

At Days for Girls, our mission is to turn periods into pathways. We believe that no matter their life circumstances, girls and women deserve access to period products that allow them to chase their dreams and get back lost days of opportunity. When girls have the tools they need to manage their periods, they’re able to stay in school, avoid shame from menstruation, break barriers, and continue with life as usual.

But many girls around the world face barriers when it comes to menstrual health. Thousands of girls don’t have a nearby store or market that sells pads — and even if they do, oftentimes they can’t afford them. Disposable period products add another factor to the equation: disposal. Disposing of pads requires a waste management system of some kind, something many communities don’t have.


As a way to mitigate these challenges, we created DfG Kits: washable, reusable pads that last for more than three years! The DfG Kit has gone through 29 versions, incorporating feedback from thousands of women and girls around the globe. We’re passionate that it’s a fantastic choice for women and girls around the world — but that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice.

We want every girl to have access to the period products that work for her life. Disposable pads may be the best choice for some girls, and tampons may work better for others. But the Days for Girls Kit and other washable alternatives (like menstrual cups) are our top choice for menstrual management. Here’s why:

  1. They’re eco-friendly. DfG Kits and menstrual cups are great for the environment! Because they minimize waste and last for 3+ years (the cup can last up to 10 years), these options are sustainable for the girls and for the environment. DfG Kits require very little water to wash — on purpose, because not only is water one of our most precious resources, but many girls lack access to clean, running water, especially in desert climates.
  2. They’re discreet. Our liners look like washcloths so that girls can wash and hang them to dry without any embarrassment. Since there are 8 liners in a Supreme Kit, there is enough for each girl to wash and wear for the length of her period. These Kits also include a transport bag that acts both as a dirty laundry hamper and as a washing machine. The bag, made of a waterproof fabric, is designed so she can discreetly carry her used liners back home or on her way to wash them.
  3. They’re affordable. Because they last for years, washable options like DfG Kits and menstrual cups are a cost-effective solution for girls, and allow families to spend money on other things they need instead of purchasing more expensive options. No family should have to choose between purchasing food and purchasing menstrual health products.
  4. They’re beautiful! The look of our DfG Kits is almost as important to us as how they work! So whether it’s a floral pattern or a bright and sunny fabric, each Kit is specially designed to make its recipient feel special.
Days for Girls
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