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Period Positive Workplace Testimonial: Lunette

In May 2023, Days for Girls (DfG), PSI Europe, The Policy Project, The Pad Project, Share the Dignity, and the Toilet Board Coalition began the Period Positive Workplace (PPW) initiative. The PPW aims to advance gender and menstrual equality worldwide by encouraging businesses to adopt period-friendly practices and become certified Period Positive Workplaces.

Meanwhile, in a world where talking about periods has often been stigmatized, Lunette, a trailblazing menstrual and intimate care company based in Finland, steps up as a force for change. Since its beginning in 2005, Lunette has been on a mission to boost conversations about menstrual health (MH), advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights and reusable menstrual products.

When they first heard of the PPW initiative, then, Lunette saw it as a golden chance to ramp up their MH advocacy. They wasted no time diving into the certification process and the movement, becoming a leading voice for period positivity in their field and beyond.

Heli Kurjanen, CEO of Lunette, expressed her excitement about the PPW initiative, saying, “We are happy to see the PPW initiative gaining interest and for us to be certified, so we can lead by example and challenge other companies to discuss MH and provide needed products to their employees.”

As a Coalition Partner, Lunette is excited about spreading the word on the PPW initiative and bringing MH conversations to workplaces all over Finland. Whether pushing for change or teaming up with local authorities to make sure students have access to MH products, Lunette is doing its part to normalize menstruation and make sure everyone has what they need to menstruate with dignity.

Lunette's journey toward period positivity is a shining example of how powerful conversations can be and why it is important to challenge the status quo. By championing menstrual health at work and beyond, Lunette lights the way to a future where everyone who menstruates can do so with confidence.

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