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Period Positive Workplace Testimonial: Dignifica Tu Vida

Dignifica Tu Vida is an organization dedicated to serving Indigenous women and children in Mexico. Menstrual education stands as a core pillar of Dignifica's programming, alongside economic literacy, personal care, and social responsibility.

Over the past two years, Dignifica restructured its organization and adopted a more gender-equitable approach that aimed to emphasize and destigmatize menstruation. During this time, Dignifica learned about the Period Positive Workplace (PPW) initiative.

“Being a Period Positive Workplace was only natural for our organization,” said Fernanda Rojas of Dignifica.

Since their restructuring and becoming a PPW, Dignifica has adopted a more conscientious approach to collaborating with women, learning about menstrual health, and normalizing the conversation around periods.

The organization as a whole is accepting and excited about these changes. Still, Fernanda acknowledges that not everyone feels comfortable openly discussing menstruation just yet. As she notes, creating a menstrual-equitable environment takes time.

“Part of the process is learning, not imposing,” remarks Fernanda.

However, Fernanda also noted that becoming a PPW has increased communication in their organization and created a more respectful environment.

It has taken time and patience to reach this point, and diligence to maintain period products and resources in the workplace. Yet, Fernanda says this should not dissuade organizations from joining the PPW initiative. In fact, she believes it is an effort worth undertaking to foster a more inclusive professional environment.

“You can start small, normalize the conversation around menstrual health first,” Fernanda advises. “It is better for everyone to be in a workplace that acknowledges it.”

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