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NEW RESOURCE! Menstrual Health Country Snapshots

It's no secret that sometimes advocacy work can feel painstakingly slow, like we may never achieve the changes we desire. At other times, though, it can move lightning fast.

At DfG, we advocate for improved menstrual health (MH) policies and programs – and we’ve learned that success is all about readiness. We must be ready to respond quickly, adding our voice and contributing when opportunities arise for MH policy advancement. That's why we work hard to create resources that help MH advocates around the globe (like you) feel confident, knowledgeable and ready to jump in.

In February and March, we hosted a webinar series about the menstrual health policy landscape in East Africa with our partner, Irise Institute of East Africa (IIEA). During these conversations, we learned from local MH experts and champions about the status of menstrual health policies in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The webinars raised awareness among hundreds of stakeholders in the region about gaps and opportunities for change.

Missed the conversation? Don’t worry!
Now, you can access key info about the MH landscape of each country anytime through our MH Country Snapshot reports.

We’ve partnered with IIEA and WASH United to bring you a series of easy-to-use summaries that provide a research-based, high level overview of 3 key aspects:

  1. The MH Context: Learn about the experiences of menstruators in managing their periods, including access to menstrual products, washrooms and water, information and education, and social support.
  2. MH Policy Landscape: Learn about the status of MH policies and programs. We cover MH strategies, product taxes and standards, and related policies that may fall under other sectors such as education or WASH.
  3. Recommended Resources: Click the live link to access a suite of recommended resources and additional materials curated by regional experts.

Knowledge is power, and it is our hope that making policy information transparent and readily available to MH champions around the globe will push progress forward.

This May, we were excited to release the first wave of reports:


Stay tuned for our next wave: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe!

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