#Masks4Millions Global Impact

On March 20th, Days for Girls launched our #Masks4Millions campaign to help frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19.

We stepped up as soon as the news of mask shortages reached our ears. For us, it wasn’t a question of if we could help but how soon we could start. After all, who better to make face masks in a global crisis than our talented team of sewists?

Now, just six weeks later, what started as a small local effort has transformed into something truly inspiring: more than 3,500 volunteers pledging to sew one million masks worldwide. And the movement is still growing! It’s a true global response reaching at-risk communities and essential workers all over the world: from refugee shelters and Navy ships in the United States, to rural villages in Guatemala and Kenya.

Refugee Families At The Border

Nothing brings us more joy than helping to protect our world’s most vulnerable members in times of crisis. That includes migrant and refugee families stranded at the border – sheltering together as COVID-19 stalls their journeys towards asylum. For this, we were honored to partner with Cruzando Fronteras, a humanitarian aid group housing 50+ families along the now-closed Arizona/Mexico border. Look at these adorable kiddos rocking their Days for Girls masks!


Indigenous Communities

Indigenous peoples are also disproportionately vulnerable amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, Navajo fatalities alone have reached twice the national per capita rate – driven by widespread poverty, lack of access to health care and higher instances of underlying illnesses.

That’s why we leapt at the chance to sew hundreds of DfG masks for the Navajo Nation last month. We’re grateful for the opportunity to help fill this critical gap for Indigenous communities of the Southwest, who are too often the last to receive essential medical supplies.


Navy Ship Sailors

#Masks4Millions is helping protect essential workers all along the front lines of the pandemic: in hospitals, food banks and even a Washington State-based navy ship! The USS Ralph Johnson found itself in trouble when a crew member tested positive for COVID-19, but there were no masks in sight. Thankfully, our volunteers whipped up 700 nautical and superhero-themed masks for the crew in just four days.

They were able to deploy soon after – with morale boosted and every sailor on board wearing a mask sewn by Days for Girls.

Help Us Make An Impact

We couldn’t be more proud, inspired and humbled by the selflessness of our global network during these challenging times. Together, we are making a positive difference for millions of people when it matters most. But the work doesn’t end here – we need your ongoing support to continue our momentum! If you’d like to join the effort by sewing, donating or receiving masks, please visit our FAQ page to sign up.

We look forward to welcoming you to the #Masks4Millions team!

Days for Girls
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