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International Women’s Day 2022

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day!

This year, the theme “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” invites us to examine the pivotal role that women and girls play in building a sustainable future. It's the perfect opportunity to shine a light on the importance of gender and menstrual equity in climate action – and to show your support for sustainable menstrual health solutions, like DfG washable pads!

There are so many ways to join the conversation this IWD. Here are a few ways to get you started:

Spread the word about sustainable period products. Make a poster or a flier that educates peopleabout the benefits of washable pads for women, girls and the environment. Put them up in your community! 

Spark a discussion. Bring your community together for a dialogue about climate change, gender equity and menstrual health. You can dive into questions like:

  • What women leaders for climate action do you know of in your country or region? What has been the mission and impact of their work?
  • What menstrual health challenges do women in your community face? How is climate change affecting these challenges?
  • If you had 3 minutes to talk with the leader of your country about climate change, what would you advocate for?

Post on social media. Share your support for DfG’s sustainable solutions with your friends/followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – or reshare our posts on March 8th!

  • Sample Twitter post: This year on #IWD2022, we recognize how #genderequity and #climateaction go hand in hand. Celebrate with Days for Girls by supporting sustainable solutions for a happy, healthy planet! #MHMatters
  • Sample Facebook post: Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day and reflect on the theme: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow. Days for Girls social entrepreneurs are change-makers for climate action, increasing access to eco-friendly, reusable period products so that women and girls can reach their full potential and lead the way to a greener tomorrow.
  • Sample Instagram post: This International Women’s Day, we’re advocating for gender equity today for a sustainable tomorrow. Did you know that Days for Girls washable pads are long-lasting and made from washable cotton flannel, making them an economically and environmentally friendly option? What steps do you take to create a climate conscious future for girls around the globe? #IWD2022 #MHMatters

Pro tip: You can find all the graphics, banners and images you’ll need in the official IWD 2022 Brand Kit


Engage leadership. Meet with a climate change decision-maker to discuss how important washables are for the environment. Ask for their help in raising awareness by making a public statement about the importance of sustainability and menstrual health.

Remember: these are just a handful of ways to lend your voice to the movement. The possibilities are endless! How will you advocate for women, girls and our Earth on International Women's Day?

Melanie Eng