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Happy 6th Birthday, Days for Girls!

Dear Friends,

Happy Birthday Days for Girls! Six! Six years of empowering women and girls around the world with days of dignity, health, and education, thanks to Days for Girls supporters.

In our sixth year we can declare, superheroes exist! YOU are living proof.

As we light the candles on our cake in thankfulness for your support. One thing is clear: Never underestimate the power of what can be done with the hands of loving, devoted, talented, gracious, generous, beautiful people.

  • This past year has seen huge momentum as we went from 67 countries to reaching 76 nations on 6 continents. You did that.
  • Days for Girls won the #OperationGirl Challenge and was nominated for the Hilton Humanitarian Award.
  • We were named Best Booth featured at the International Rotarian Convention.
  • We have seen Days for Girls Uganda start to help other nations replicate their effective results to empower communities to serve themselves and create jobs for local communities. YOU made that happen too.
  • We went from 57 Days for Girls Chapters working around the globe to lift communities, family and women… to 303 plus. (202 USA, 55 Australia, 28 Canada, plus 18 in other countries) And the results have been phenomenal.

Everyday Superheroes of grassroots supporters around the globe connecting to reach over 100,000 women and girls across the globe on a shoestring budget. You rock the planet!

Thank you.

Okay, the candles are all lit now and everyone at Days for Girls International has burst into song. Do you want to hear our birthday wish?

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period by 2022 is not a wish. That's an absolute intention.
Our birthday wish? For you to join our #PutOnYourPads campaign, to ask the world to join us in reaching every girl, everywhere. Period.

What do you do to help? Check out this page to learn more. You're getting a sneak preview. The actual campaign launches November 6th (Get it? 6 years) but you'll be ready to join us anytime after midnight because YOU are in the know. Will you champion with us? Wait until you see the commercial! It's gorgeous and important. Watch for our newsletter and Facebook announcments on the 6th.

Thank you for your gifts of time, presence, wisdom and generosity. You prove the world is full of amazing Superheroes and it is an honor to serve with you.

With gratitude,


Days for Girls
Days for Girls is an award-winning global NGO bringing menstrual health, dignity and opportunity to 3+ million girls (and counting!) worldwide.