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5 Tips to Get the Conversation Started

Be part of Breaking the Silence on Menstrual Hygiene Day!
May 28th, 2019

OK, you’re ready to take action. Now what!? What does starting a conversation about menstruation look like? Well, if you are like some of us, it starts when someone asks what is attached to our backpack – yes, a number of us carry a DfG washable pad folded and tied to the outside of our pack as a conversation starter. Here are a few other helpful ideas:

1. Check the Facts:
Refresh your knowledge and take one of our FREE DfG online classes to enhance your knowledge of menstrual health:

Ambassador of Women's Health

Men Who Know

2. Pull out a Pad

Nothing starts a conversation faster than pulling out a DfG pad. There is a reason “show and tell” at schools are so fun! Fun fact, one team member carried one in her jacket and pulled it out during lunch at a ski slope to show the table-it was one of the best conversations of the day.

3. Bring Dads and Sons into the Mix

Have you ever seen a man pick up menstrual products at the store? If you are like us– it always brings a smile.. and makes for a great conversation starter!

4. Help us Reach 5,000!

Yes, we are not only asking you to take the pledge but to ask friends to take the DfG Pledge too. And we have made it easy!

  • Post on Social Media: Share DfG social posts throughout the week and use #DfGtalksperiods so we can follow along and amplify the conversations you are having.
  • Send your Friends a Text: Send a text to your friends sharing your favorite menstrual health tips and products or even just sending a barrage of silly emojis.
  • Let Your Clothes Do The Talking:
    Wear a Days for Girls t-shirt, pin, or bracelet. Your fashion can create the perfect segway into talking about menstrual health when people stop to ask about that super cute t-shirt.

5. Celebrate Menstruation:

Why not host a period party? Invite your friends over for chocolate,and girl talk. Share stories about a time you helped “break the silence” and stood up for girls. Or discuss what you plan to do — right after you all sign the pledge 🙂

We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories with us by using #DfGtalksperiods. Keep the conversation flowing!

Be the change you want to see in the world – take the DfG Pledge today!

Days for Girls
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