Volunteerism: Chapters, Teams, and Clubs

Days for Girls began as a volunteer-run organization. What began in November 2008 as a small yet passionate group of volunteers has rapidly grown into a robust network of more than 70,000 volunteers around the globe.

Our volunteers are organized into Chapters, Teams, or Clubs.

Chapters and Teams consist of volunteers who gather together, or work independently, to promote our mission in many ways. Most sew and assemble the DfG Kits, focusing on either complete DfG Kits or specific components. All groups start as a Team and can apply to become a Chapter after meeting certain milestones. Groups range in size from one to hundreds! No matter what aspect of the Days for Girls mission a group focuses on, they are all vital and important to our movement.


Volunteer Chapters and Teams play an important role in reaching our goals. They:


Keep Days for Girls nimble: Chapters and Teams enable us to respond quickly in refugee and emergency situations by supplying us with DfG Kits quickly in areas of need.


Reach more countries: Thanks to distributions made and Enterprises cultivated by our volunteer network, DfG Kits and health education have reached women and girls in more than 100 countries.


Fund themselves and give back: When an order is filled by a registered Chapter or Team, funds go back to that group to create more DfG Kits!

Act as global advocates for menstrual health management (MHM) and the women, girls, and communities we serve.



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