Watch Days for Girls in action and see what a difference each day can make.


Days for Girls at a Glance

Got a minute? This video shares Christine's story and the power of Days for Girls movement's impact and partnerships around the world.

All About Them Days       (for Girls)

All over the world, women and girls lose days of school, work, and family life because they don't have what they need during that time of the month. The Days for Girls movement is changing that tune — with your help!

Purpose Prize 

AARP's 2017 Purpose Prize honored Days For Girls Founder and CEO Celeste Mergens as one of five winners nationwide. In this video profile, Celeste shares our story.

What Would You Do?

Filmmaker Emily Diana Ruth tells a story you might not expect. Watch, and see if her story resonates at all with your own, or what you know of other women and girls and their experiences.

Strong Women

Days for Girls Guatemala team members share how DfG's programs have shaped their knowledge and feelings about being a woman.

Story Exchange Interview with Days for Girls' Founder

Listen in to this video interview about Days for Girls with Celeste.

Days Without

One brave girl speaks up about what it is like to go without hygiene supplies and what girls go through in order to stay in school.

Days for Girls Uganda

Impact in action in Uganda! Note: since the time of filming, the DfG Uganda Enterprise program has grown tremendously. If you're planning a trip to Uganda, please coordinate with our DfG Office in Kampala to ensure we're reaching all communities AND help support local leadership.

Days for Girls - Cornell

Four fabulous women at Cornell University worked together to create 100 DfG Kits. Learn more about their experience here.

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Distribution

This important Days for Girls partner shares video of a distribution and trainings in the Guatemala Polochic Valley and surrounding community. Here Vilma, the village midwife, discuss the challenges faced by girls in this region.

TEDx Talk:
The Story of Days for Girls 

Founder Celeste Mergens, shares the story of how Days for Girls started and why listening to the wisdom of those you serve is vital for creating culturally, socially and physically relevant solutions that change lives. 

Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.

Watch Days for Girls heroes in action with Edmond Burke School of DC, as they work to give girls and women back more days of education, dignity and health. Thank you Judith of DfG DC, and Jessica Stockton Clancy of Truth in Motion Films.

Saving Days

What's at stake when girls go without hygiene? What difference does a DfG Kit make?​


How to Build a Tippy-Tap

Tippy Tap Hand Washing Stations help making handwashing possible anywhere with very little water or cross contamination. DfG Ambassadors of Women's Health teach this important technique. Watch this award-winning video to learn how.

Shattering the Shame

In western Nepal, women and girls are often isolated and endangered during their periods due to the cultural practice of chhaupadi. Days for Girls is working with Nepali community leaders to change this narrative from one of shame to celebration.



The Girl Effect

The clock is ticking...there are crucial moments in a girl's life when she needs support. How those moments unfold can determine how her life will look for years to come. The Girl Effect does an excellent job of capturing the big picture.

Ending Child Marriage

This UNICEF video shows how “Girls who are married before their 18th birthdays are not only denied their childhood but are often socially isolated and subjected to violence, and limited opportunities for education & employment.” DfG Kits can help keep girls in school and empower girls through health education leadership programs.

Comfortable Periods with Yoga Bloom

Amy Gagner shares yoga positions that may ease discomfort during menses. Amy is clearly quite accomplished, please don't expect to match her flexibility for results. Yoga should not hurt. Please attempt the positions only to the point of comfort. Special thanks to Amy and her 15 year old son Aiden who filmed and edited this video.

Wait.... there's more!

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Period. To Possibility.

This PATH video illustrates that menstruation is a natural and routine part of life for healthy girls and women, but in many parts of the world, it is accompanied by shame and fear. A period shouldn't start a sentence. It should start a conversation. She's just getting started...

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