William Osal

Country Manager

As the DfGU’s Country Manager, William not only leads the Kampala-based office, he also supports DfG’s eighteen social enterprises across the country. William originally joined DfGU in April 2021 as a Program Manager and assumed his current role in July 2022. 

William is a passionate supporter of menstrual health and hygiene across the country. He represents the organizations in different forums as panelist and an advocate for menstrual equity in Uganda and East African Region.

He leads the program office team, manages the organization’s grants, and ensures projects are effectively implemented. He is responsible for legal, compliance, and registration related matters. He is also the primary liaison between DfGI and DfGU’s social enterprises, ensuring they have the programmatic and supply chain support they need.

William holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work and Social Administration from Makerere University and a Master of Arts In Human Rights from Uganda Martyrs University.  William values people. He enjoys doing good and doing it well. He is truthful, transparent and ethical in his dealings with others.