Sadikshya Devkota

Nepal Program and Documentation Assistant

Sadikshya Devkota is highly dedicated and motivated with a solid background in leading, mentoring, and volunteering. Right now, she's working as a Program and Documentation Assistant at Days for Girls Nepal (DfGN). She's all about making things happen and cares big-time about social causes. Her work includes involvement in the Elderly Literacy Intergenerational Solidarity Project, where young girls teach senior citizens and exchange basic learnings. Moreover, she is interested in researching climate change and its impact on indigenous communities, keeping herself busy with social causes.

She's undergraduate student of  Bachelor's in Psychology and Social Work from Padmakanya Multiple Campus in Kathmandu. Academically, she's top-notch, and she's a leader in her field, too. Sadikshya speaks English, Nepali, and Hindi ,using her language skills to translate and make things clear.

She's also involved at ghostwriting and loves sparking community conversations.