Reisa Tomlinson

Chief Development Officer

Driven by ethical storytelling and a commitment to equity, Reisa is a seasoned nonprofit development professional with over 12 years of experience driving impactful change. For Reisa, fundraising is an art form where conversations become canvases for shared values. Her career journey showcases a dedication to building meaningful relationships, fostering sustainable donor engagement, and securing transformative resources for vital social causes. Her journey thus far has taken her across diverse landscapes, from helping people who live on the margins and intersections of identity, to mobilizing resources and funds that drive global humanitarian response. Reisa understands the power of connection and collective action to address complex issues.

Beyond the professional landscape, Reisa's passion spills into her volunteer spirit. As a cultural connector, she believes in reaching back as you grow so others can evolve alongside you. Her wanderlust, too, reflects a desire to understand the diverse cultures, stories, and histories that converge into our global story.