Social Enterprise Program FAQ's

What is the Enterprise Program?
Days for Girls Enterprise program is a global network of community-based businesses that produce and distribute the patented Days for Girls Kits. As of January 2020, there are over 200 enterprises in 40 countries.

Why the Enterprise model?
At Days for Girls, we believe in home-grown solutions. Developing the capacity of local social entrepreneurs to meet the needs of menstruators within their communities ensures that the resulting impact is sustainable.

What is a social entrepreneur?
A social entrepreneur is a business leader whose goal is to be profitable while positively impacting the community, locality or country where they are. At DFG, they are called enterprise leaders.

Does DFG have a minimum time requirement for me to devote to my DFG enterprise, as a social entrepreneur?
Days for Girls does not determine how much time enterprise leaders should spend on their enterprises. Enterprise leaders are expected to take ownership of their business and its success.

Does DFG sponsor enterprises?
Days for Girls provides business and sewing training to all incoming enterprise leaders. However, they are expected to be responsible for creating and maintaining profitable businesses.

Is the program open to men?
Yes, while Days for Girls encourages capable women entrepreneurs to apply as enterprise leaders, men are also welcome.

Is there an age restriction?
We ask that prospective enterprise leaders be over 18 at the start of the application process.

Once I make it as an Enterprise leader, are there additional commitments I should know of?
We ask every enterprise leader to report on their operations to Days for Girls on a monthly basis with emphasis on Kit production and sales as well as any advocacy or community engagement activities.