Pre-Screening Questions

Can you answer “yes” to each of these questions?

  1. Do you have a passion for improving menstrual health and equity?
  2. Are you motivated to speak to others (to be an advocate) to make positive change and improve your community?
  3. Do you have a good understanding of what is needed in their country and community to improve menstrual health?
  4. Do you have an understanding of how much the community is interested in buying and using washable sanitary pads?
  5. Do you have an understanding of what menstrual products are accessible and available?
  6. Do you have an understanding of if families can afford and will agree to purchase menstrual pads?
  7. Do you have a good understanding of the community barriers, beliefs, myths, and taboos around menstrual health practices and behaviors?
  8. Do you have strong relationships with stakeholders in decision-making roles, e.g., ward, county, and community leaders, local NGOs, school administrators, and elected officials, etc.?
  9. Do you have access to reliable infrastructure (electricity, internet, data, water, and sanitation, transportation, and banking).?
  10. Do you have a connection to an existing NGO focused on empowerment, health or livelihoods (livelihoods is helping people to get new skills, start their own businesses and make money to support themselves and their families), empowerment, or health?
  11. Do you have effective management and business skills?
  12. Do you have marketing skills?
  13. Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset (someone that is always looking for new opportunities and ways to grow and improve a business and to increase profits)?
  14. Do you have the ability to find additional financial support from an NGO or donor through grants and fundraising?