How to Maximize Your Fundraising

You’ve set up your fundraising page. You’ve laced up your running shoes, tuned up your bike, or set a date for your gathering. Now, you’re ready to make the biggest impact possible to help end period poverty. And we want to help you!

Below are some helpful resources for you to use to help boost your fundraising efforts. 

Set Up Your Fundraiser Today!

Create a Video

One of the most effective things you can do is make your own video to send to supporters! Take a look at this video Lauren made for her fundraiser.

Send a Personal Email

Send a personal email (or a hand-written letter) to your friends and family that explains why you’re participating in the DfG Power of She. You won’t believe the success you’ll see coming from one email or letter!

Copy and paste this template into a blank email, add your personal information, and tweak it to your liking:

Dear Friends,

I’m participating in DfG Power of She to help end period poverty. On (insert date(s)) I will be (running, walking, hiking, biking, gathering) (insert distance or time here) so that she can, too!

Every month, women and girls who do not have access to menstrual products to manage their periods lose the freedom to jump, run and play. Instead of freely doing what she loves, women and girls who lack period supplies are restricted in their movement and activities.

Will you stand with me? The Power of She ignites when we unite.

Every $20 you give will provide her with a DfG Kit, including pads that last up to 3 years, giving her the menstrual products she needs to manage 360 days of menstruation and do the things she loves without restriction. 

Please help her by making a donation on my personal fundraising page: [link to your page]

Thank you for your support!


[Your Name]

Post on Social Media

Not sure what to post on Facebook? We’ve got you covered!

Copy and paste these posts with a link to your personal fundraising page, and ask your friends to help end period poverty. Pro tip: include photos to draw your audience in.

We’ve shared a few of our favorites here:

 Phrases and HashTags for Your Stories: 

#DfGPowerofShe #SheCandDoIt #SheCanBike #SheCanWalk #SheCanRun

Post #1

What can $20 do?

​​$20 provides a menstruating girl with a DfG Kit, which has pads that last up to 3 years. With the menstrual products she needs to manage 360 days of menstruation, she can run, bike, play and do the things she loves without restriction.

I’m participating in the Days for Girls Power of She campaign to help end period poverty. Please visit my fundraising page and donate. We ignite when we unite! #DfGPowerofShe #SheCandDoIt #SheCanBike #SheCanWalk #SheCanRun 

Post #2

What would you do if you didn’t have menstrual products to manage your period?

On [insert date] I’m participating in a [insert activity]. Every dollar raised helps to end period poverty so that girls experiencing period poverty can do the things she loves without restriction. Help me make a difference and unite for change! #DfGPowerofShe #SheCandDoIt #SheCanBike #SheCanWalk #SheCanRun 

Post #3

Will you help me to end period poverty? Help me make a difference and unite for change! #DfGPowerofShe #SheCandDoIt #SheCanBike #SheCanWalk #SheCanRun 

Share a Story

When you tell someone a story, it resonates on a deeper, more personal level.

Here is a short story you can share with your friends and family to help them understand why it’s so important to end period poverty: 

Alice Wambui dedicated her youth to working hard to achieve good grades. Then, while sitting for the national exams during her final term of primary school, her first period arrived. On top of scholastic pressures, she then faced the challenge of managing menstruation without money to buy products like pads or tampons. Alice used whatever she could find as a substitute for hygiene supplies — including old rags, pieces of mattress or the pages from books. Often, she experienced infections that set her further back in school. “Some boys made fun of me — and that made me hate myself,” she said. Notwithstanding the challenges she faced, Alice graduated from university in 2016 with a degree in community development and social work, and she received the award for Best Student. “After my first degree, I promised that one day I would do something to help the lives of girls who might be suffering from lack of menstrual supplies like I had.”

Alice has been pursuing this promise ever since: her 2017 Master’s thesis was entitled “Investigating the Effects of Inaccessibility of Sanitary Pads to Girls’ Academic Performance.” She also started the Smile Star’d Days for Girls Social Enterprise in October 2018. 

Alice has boldly approached many top political leaders to raise awareness of her work as a Days for Girls leader, and she has convinced many local community leaders to include menstrual health education in schools. She now routinely provides education to boys and girls alike, often traveling more than ten hours to reach some of the most rural communities in Kenya. Alice inspires us — today and every day — to continue the work that we do to ensure dignity for girls and women everywhere. 

Or share a personal story about your passion for Days for Girls’ mission. Here’s an example from our team:

Thanks for visiting my fundraising page!

When I first discovered Days for Girls International, it was love at first sight! I was a passionate feminist fighting for women’s equality in a variety of ways, but THIS was an issue I knew little about. 

What I learned was astonishing…

Giving a girl access to safe and effective period products and proper menstrual health education is a SUPER practical (and surprisingly simple) way to empower her throughout her life. Without it, she is at risk of being held back in a variety of ways. 

What if you had to miss school or work because you did not have proper menstrual supplies? How many days per year would you lose in education and wages simply because you got your period? 

What if no one ever taught you about menstruation and you had to figure it out on your own, or worse: what if menstrual taboos and myths made you feel ashamed of your body? 

This is the situation for more than 500 million women and girls worldwide and this is what Days for Girls works to solve everyday. 

To date Days for Girls has served more than 2.5 million women and girls around the world! How cool is that?!

In addition to providing washable menstrual Kits and education, we also do it in a sustainable way that is scalable and replicable throughout the world. 

Days for Girls’ Enterprise program trains entrepreneurs in countries worldwide to start their own Days for Girls businesses making, selling and distributing menstrual health Kits. These entrepreneurs become leaders in their community and advocates for women’s rights at the government level. It’s pretty cool how this works and how far a donation to Days for Girls goes! 

If you care about gender equality and the rights of vulnerable people around the world, then I hope you’ll join me in supporting Days for Girls! We are truly turning periods into pathways and lifting up women around the world. Now THAT is something I can get behind!

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