Current Projects

Fighting Chauppadi

In Western Nepal, girls are often isolated in cattle sheds or small huts each month during their periods, as part of a cultural practice called chhaupadi. Not only do girls face embarrassment over menstruation, but they often are exposed to real danger — from extreme weather, smoke inhalation and attacks. Days for Girls Nepal is changing that narrative from one of shame to one of celebration, led by a local training team of Nepali girls and women.

Menstrual Health For All

In addition to shattering the stigma around menstruation, Days for Girls Nepal distributes washable menstrual solutions to girls in need, delivers vital health education, and creates income-generating opportunities for women by training them how to make and sell DfG pads in their communities. The team’s AWH education program is tailored to address relevant social issues including domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking, child marriage and Chauppadi.

Kailali Project (2021)

Days for Girls Nepal recently launched a new initiative in Kailali, Godawari Municipality to promote safe and effective menstrual health practices amongst adolescent girls, in partnership with the local government.

Kalilali has one of the highest rates of chauppadi in the country; a problem that is compounded by lack of access to adequate menstrual solutions and a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Days for Girls Nepal is shifting the paradigm by providing girls and their families with comprehensive skillsets and knowledge on menstrual health – as well as advocating for supportive, non-discriminatory home and school environments as key interventions.