Mother's Initiatives Africa (MIA)

At Mothers’ Initiatives Africa (MIA), we are transforming the lives of Ugandan women and girls by providing practical menstrual health solutions in communities, schools and the entire nation.

Through our efforts to eliminate period poverty, we aim to reduce school absenteeism and drop-outs; work and mobility restrictions; stigma and shame; early marriage and premature childbirth; and vaginal infections and infertility.

We believe that sanitation, reproductive and menstrual health rights are fundamental to the dignity and wellbeing of women and girls. Our vision is to keep girls healthy, thriving and attending school by providing menstrual health solutions at a competitive price.

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Our Story

Mother’s Initiative Africa was founded in 2014 by Sarah Nambudye 

Ms. Sarah Nambudye founded Mothers’ Initiatives Africa to change the lives of Ugandan women and girls. Her enterprise is designed for multiple areas of impact: to improve local menstrual health outcomes, create employment for women and girls, end period poverty in communities, shatter all forms of stigma, and above all, preserve dignity for women and girls.

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