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We have identified where volunteers are most needed and where Social Entrepreneurs can take the lead. The DfG hybrid model of entrepreneurs and volunteers working hand-in-hand leverages the strength of both through our Impact Zones.

Three Zones. Global Impact.

There are three different Impact Zones.
Each country in the world is categorized into one of these three zones.

The Red Zone

In the Red Zone, local leadership is strong enough to meet the need. All Kits for distribution in this region are sourced by local Enterprises. To honor their strength, no DfG kits from outside sources are sent into these countries. They've got this.

The Orange Zone

Countries in the Orange Zone have a growing local leadership presence. DfG Social Entrepreneurs have capacity in some areas, while there is room for volunteer-led solutions in others. This Zone takes a little homework to understand and coordination to implement.

The Blue Zone

The Blue Zone is wide open. Volunteer efforts strengthen connections and local leadership opportunities in Blue Zone countries, seeding markets and preparing the way for Social Entrepreneurs. If we do our work well, someday this Zone will be a Red Zone, too!

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We have regional offices, volunteer-led Chapters and Teams and locally-owned Social Enterprises worldwide. Search your area to see which Zone you're in!
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