How DfG Volunteers Work

DfG Chapters, Teams and Clubs work to end the stigma associated with menstruation. Their efforts include fundraising, sewing and donating DfG Kits to specific countries, elevating the efforts of locally run social enterprises, increasing access to menstrual health education, awareness raising, and advocacy.
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What is the difference between a Chapter, Team and Club?

Chapters and Teams are groups within the local community. Each group starts as a Team, and can grow in to a Chapter after meeting certain benchmarks, if they wish to.
DfG Clubs are for students or troops.

What else do I need to know?

Team registration is open in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Oceania region, and the UK. Team registration in the USA is temporarily unavailable in 2024. Club registration is only available in the USA. If Club or Team registration is not available for your country, we’d love to have you join us as an advocacy volunteer! Click here to learn more about our advocacy efforts.

In addition to activities like advocacy and fundraising many DfG Chapters and Teams choose to lead sewing DfG Kit activities. Clubs do not sew DfG Kits independently.

Clubs that wish to be involved in DfG Kit productions (be it sewing or packing) can get connected with an existing DfG Team and participate in their Kit production and packing effort.

Team Leaders must be over 18 years old and generally remain from year to year. DfG Team members can be any age, everyone has important skills to contribute! Club members and student leadership may come and go each year, but Clubs always retain an adult faculty advisor.

Teams have the opportunity to progress to being a Chapter if that is their goal, after meeting certain benchmarks.

Chapters and Teams:

  • Advocate for menstrual health as a pathway to improved health, education, and livelihood

  • Sew DfG Kits using DfG’s patented trademarked patterns and have support from our international sewing specialist team

  • Increase access to menstrual health products for those hardest to reach by sewing and donating high quality DfG Kits to women and girls in specific countries (see the DfG Impact Zones below).

  • Support local leaders and Enterprises in their own communities

  • Host events, fundraise, and rally to support awareness of Days for Girls

  • Have the opportunity to contribute to our international network of champions and advocates committed to positively influencing menstrual health internationally

  • Can purchase wholesale resources through an exclusive area of our resource shop

Chapter and Team Leader Commitments

  • Financial accountability

  • Reporting Team production and activities to Days for Girls International regularly

  • Management and timely responses using a DfG Team email account

  • Ensure their Team follows Days for Girls quality guidelines and adheres to the latest patterns

  • Stay up to date on all DfG policies and processes and ensure your Team is in compliance

  • Complete our registration process, including a DfG Kit sewing certification and annual renewal


  • Join in on advocacy efforts and create their own opportunities to influence positive change for menstrual health within their own communities
  • Contribute to DfG’s mission through leading and organizing fundraising efforts
  • Turn their knowledge and altruism into action by participating in DfG community service and humanitarian response opportunities
  • Support DfG Enterprises through the sponsorship of DfG Kit distributions and/or education sessions
  • Use the DfG Clubs curriculum to engage in the menstrual health field locally and globally

Club Leader Commitments

  • Lead Club meetings and set the agenda
  • Organize all Clubs activities
  • Collaborate with Chapter and Team leaders if the Club wishes to become involved with DfG Kit production
  • Use a DfG Club email account for management with timely responses
  • Financial accountability when fundraising
  • Maintain good standing with the sponsoring school, university, or troop
  • Report Club activities to Days for Girls International once-per-semester
  • Attend once-per-semester check-ins with Days for Girls International
  • Complete DfG registration and annual renewal processes

How do we balance both volunteers and enterprises in a hybrid of global service?

It's not easy. But it's important.
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