Enterprise Leadership Training Schedule

Thank you for expressing interest in the Days for Girls Social Enterprise Program. Our Social Enterprise Program provides sustainable menstrual health solutions for women and girls while also cultivating locally-driven leadership around the globe. 

The DfG Social Enterprise Program is highly sought after from individuals and partners all over the world. It is of utmost importance to DfG to ensure the success of each new Social Enterprise by providing sufficient support and training, and to ensure new Social Enterprises are added in areas with availability of supply chain, proper programming support infrastructure, and a variety of other factors that our data has shown are necessary for success. In the bigger picture of the Menstrual Health landscape, washable standards and shipping challenges have added greater complexity to the global supply chain and pricing models. All of these factors influence Days for Girls’ global strategy.

To this end, a limited number of DfG Social Enterprises are accepted into our training program each year. Spots are made available by region and language, based on our overall global strategy.  However our Social Enterprise Program is not accepting new applications/partnerships at this time. Throughout 2022 and 2023, we will be focused on growing our existing Social Enterprises. To help you prepare better for a successful Enterprise in future, you may check out these Interim preparation ideas. You can learn more about our Social Enterprise program HERE

We also suggest checking the Map to see if there is already an Enterprise in the area that you are interested in launching. Entrepreneurs are chosen from a group of applicants based on a number of factors including location, supply chain, access to the Internet, etc.

If the reason you wish to start a Social Enterprise is to give Kits to a certain population in the area, we encourage you to support the existing Social Enterprise by ordering Kits from them directly or using our Kit order form on the Days for Girls website. Ordering Kits from an Enterprise multiples your impact as you support local leaders and foster positive change at the community level. If you need assistance with ordering Kits, please feel free to email distribution@daysforgirls.org.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send your inquiries to enterprises@daysforgirls.org.