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We have seen the power of menstrual health as a platform for empowerment. For this reason, all DfG Kit distributions are conducted with health education. Our Ambassador of Health curriculum prepares you to speak confidently about a variety of health topics, leadership, and safety for women and girls.  The Ambassador of Women's Health training prepares you to deliver menstrual health management education to women and girls in the field; our Men Who Know program is the version for men and boys. 

Education & Trainings

We want to provide you with all the educational tools necessary to set you up for the best distribution experience possible! We have online courses, live workshops, and distribution flip-chart materials available for purchase from our online shop. To learn more about the classes and resources we offer, click the boxes below.

AWH Distribution 101


Flexibility for your busy schedule.

The course starts now and never ends! This self-paced online course allows you to decide when you start and when you finish.

Is it right for me?

This online course is for perfect for Days for Girls Leaders, those distributing DfG Kits, and official partners. It qualifies you to do the education accompanying ever distribution of Days for Girls Kits using the DfG Ambassador of Women's Health flip-chart with confidence. Once you complete the course you'll be able to:

  • Teach Kit Care at DfG Kit distributions using the AWH flip-chart to girls and women in the field.

  • Promote menstrual health management awareness and education.

  • Help break cycles of shame with fun and engaging factual conversations with women and girls about the menstrual cycle, and their health using the AWH flip-chart.

  • Support a DfG Kit Distribution with a Days for Girls Chapter, Team, Enterprise, or Office.

  • Understand the sensitivity needed, taking great care to honor the culture and wisdom of those you are reaching. 

Want more?

The Ambassador of Women's Health 101 Course does not qualify volunteers or supporters of Days for Girls to train new Ambassadors of Women's Health, nor to start DfG Enterprises. If you are interested in becoming a formal representative of Days for Girls who is able to certify new Ambassadors of Women's Health, or if you would like to advance your education, please reach out to our team at for more information and attend an AWH 201 session or DfG Leadership Launchpad event.


Men Who Know


The goal of Men Who Know is to instruct accurately about menstruation and reproductive health, to help open conversations about real strength vs violence, and to create opportunities for men to stand together in greater support of united communities. 

Flexibility for your busy schedule.

The course starts now and never ends! This self-paced online course allows you to decide when you start and when you finish.

Is it right for me?

This online course is for perfect for Enterprise Leaders, those distributing Days for Girls Kits, and official partners. It qualifies you to do distribution trainings using the DfG Ambassador of Men's Health flipchart with confidence. Once you complete the course you'll be able to:

  • Use the AWH flipchart to help educate men and boys in the field and start important conversations.

  • Promote menstrual hygiene management awareness and education with communities with Days for Girls.

  • Educate men and boys about men's health, DfG Kits, and the menstrual cycle, using the AWH flipchart.

  • Support a DfG Kit Distribution with a DfG Chapter, Team, Micro-Enterprise, or Center.

  • Learn why Days for Girls chooses to honor the wisdom of those we serve and how to be culturally relevant


AWH 201


Join us for a full day of fun and instruction!

This workshop is intended to train Days for Girls Ambassadors of Women's Health who may then teach other women and girls around the globe about their strength, importance, health, puberty, reproduction, how to care for and use kits and much much more!


Cost + what's included

Each live training is $55 and includes your choice of one of these publications: AWH Training Manual, AWH Flipchart English, or AWH Flipchart Spanish.  Pre-registration and payment is required before attending. 


What's covered?
  • The story and philosophy of Days for Girls

  • Cultural Bridging, the basis of DfG

  • Leadership

  • Teaching Reproductive anatomy

  • Explanation of the cycle 

  • Women + community education


You will be educated about 'bridging' to meet cultures different from yours to build results (this also applies to business, family, and all kinds of connections). You will also be brought up to be speed on the state of women's status in the world. Women's health is more complicated than men's and is often shrouded in shame and misinformation. Because of this, women have slipped behind in societies all over the globe. We seek to change that through the door of basic health supplies. You'll be ready to conduct culturally appropriate distributions for the region with confidence, and empower lives.  We encourage men to attend this life changing training as well!


It is highly recommended that you attend the full day of the event. Questions? Email us at  

  • Hygiene

  • Self defense

  • How to train others

  • Continuing the flow of information

  • And much more

Upcoming AWH

Wow, I am so pumped over the training with you! It was so much more than I ever imgained! You covered so much my head is swimming!...You have given me a new outlook on DfG that is even bigger than I had before. I understand so much more now and truly believe any of us at these training meetings should be able to teach others of their importance in this world. I pray I get the opportunity to do just that!

I had no idea I would get this much out of the course.

AWH 201 Reviews

Life changing. Far more information than I was expecting. I feel inspired, and ready to make a bigger difference.

I found this very, very informative, well presented and very exciting to know how much Days for Girls is changing lives. I can't wait to present this to many girls and women...and boys.

I am so glad I was able to be part of this training. I have taken many training courses and this one was the best I have ever taken anywhere.

I got so much more out of this than I ever imagined. Everyone should get this opportunity.

Like a 2-day TED Talk that I didn't want to leave...


New! AWH + USA 

Regional Conferences


We are excited to offer our new all in one Regional Conference + Ambassador of Women Health Training.

Grab your Days for Girls friends & join us for this exciting event! Meet other Team Leaders & Volunteers in your Region, Sew Together, Swap Ideas, get Training, and have FUN! And on top of it all, complete your Ambassador of Women's Health Training taught by Days for Girls Founder & CEO Celeste Mergens. Here at Days for Girls, our volunteers are truly a FAMILY. Come meet other "Daysies" from your Region that are just as passionate about this work as you are! You will come home inspired to do even more to change the world! If you don't see your Region on this list yet, keep checking back... more Regional Conferences will be added soon!

*Regional Conferences are held every other year per Region

****USA Northeast and Southeast Regional Conference 2020****

Postponed until 2021

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New! AWH + International Conference

Do you want to meet other Team Leaders & Volunteers from around the WORLD that are passionate about the work Days for Girls is doing to empower WOMEN?! Now's your chance! Starting next year, we are excited to announce yearly INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES!! 

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