Empowerment Through Menstrual Health

DfG Ambassadors for Women’s Health (AWH) curriculum may be provided as a standalone service, or paired with the purchase or distribution of DFG products. This 2-hour, fast paced, interactive curriculum educates menstruators on key menstrual health topics and encourages them to become ambassadors who can educate others.

Ambassadors of Women's Health Training

Topics Covered Include

Hygiene and handwashing


Female and male reproductive systems


The Menstrual Cycle, including an in-depth look at each of the four phases and how to track your menstrual cycle

How to hygienically and safely use and care for the DfG Kit

How to hygienically and safely dispose of used disposable menstrual products

Prevention of sexually transmitted infections

Self defense techniques and human trafficking avoidance

Who Is This Course For?

This online course is perfect for Days for Girls Leaders, those distributing DfG Kits and official partners. It qualifies you to deliver the education sessions that accompany every distribution of Days for Girls Kits, using the DfG Ambassador of Women’s Health flip-chart with confidence. Once you complete the course you’ll be able to:

Teach Kit Care at DfG Kit distributions using the AWH flip-chart to girls and women in the field.

Promote menstrual health management awareness and education.

Help break cycles of shame with fun and engaging factual conversations about the menstrual cycle.

Support a DfG Kit Distribution with a Days for Girls Chapter, Team, Enterprise, or Office.

Honor the culture and wisdom of those you are reaching.

The Ambassador of Women’s Health Course does not qualify volunteers or supporters of Days for Girls to train new Ambassadors of Women’s Health, nor to start DfG Enterprises. DfGI is a non-political, non-religious organization and thus, DfG Kits and DfG AWH education and communications that involve DfGI should not incorporate the promotion of any political or religious beliefs. DfG Kits and education will be distributed to all regardless of any political or religious affiliation.

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