The Advocacy Volunteer Handbook

The Advocacy Volunteer Handbook is designed to help you advance menstrual equity in your home community. We believe that anyone can be an advocate for menstrual health, and this handbook provides information and guidance so that you can feel knowledgeable, equipped, and connected. Check out what’s inside and download your copy today!

What's Inside?


–> An orientation to the menstrual health field

–> Four action pathways to help you get started on your advocacy journey

–> Resources, tips, and case studies you won’t find anywhere else!

–> Practical guidance on next steps and how to get support

As you dive into the advocacy handbook, you will learn the ropes of menstrual health (MH) 101, how to map your MH Landscape, and decide the action pathway that’s best for you.

You may feel as though you are just one person, but it’s hard to capture the ripple effect of your actions. One thing is certain — you are supporting women and girls to achieve their goals, free from menstrual stigma, barriers, and limitations. 

Download the Advocacy Volunteer Handbook Today!

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Important Note:

This handbook is a living document and a growing resource for DfG volunteers. The majority of volunteers accessing this handbook right now live in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Each country has a different government, social norms, and culture. Our vision is to have references, examples, and sections that speak to a number of different countries.