Jillian Johnston


Jill’s passion for DfG began in 2013 when her daughter-in-law referred her to a magazine article about our organization. By January 2014, with 9 members and her family’s Christmas Charity money, Team London ON started production, and Jill’s advocacy work began.

Now, 8 years later, Jill’s passion is fuelled by the knowledge that she is part of this incredible organization, by every amazing member of Team London ON, and by each of her personal experiences distributing DfG Kits in Kenya, Guyana, and Haiti. She is also motivated by the fantastic support her team receives from the London and area communities. Like every DfGC member, she has become an advocate for menstrual health!

Her advocacy work took on a new dimension when she became involved with Tampon Tuesday, first established in London ON. to provide menstrual products for the local food bank where they are among the most frequently requested items. Through the association with Tampon Tuesday and the networking it offers, Jill’s team has benefited greatly, and Jill has learned the value of “sharing the platform” to advocate for menstrual equity.

As Canada Advocacy Coordinator, Jill is working with other MH organizations across Canada in order to advance menstrual equity for all Canadians. She is encouraging Canadian Chapters and Teams to exercise their leverage in their own communities to let all Canadian menstruators know DfGC supports them, and to help expand DfGC’s impact in the MH field.