Jillian Johnston


Jill’s passion for DfG began in 2013 when her daughter-in-law referred her to a magazine article about the organization.  Fresh from a Me to We trip to Kenya, she was aching to make a difference.  Building schools had been exhilarating but the work was more physically demanding than she could possibly manage on a continuing basis.  She read the article, and before thinking twice she registered and Team London was born.  By January, with 9 team members and her family’s annual Christmas Charity money, they started production.

Now, Jill’s passion is fueled by the knowledge that she is part of this incredible organization, by every amazing member of Team London ON, and by each of her personal experiences distributing kits in Kenya, Guyana, and Haiti.  She is motivated too by the fantastic support her team receives from the London and area communities.

Jill is involved with Tampon Tuesday in London, and through that association and the networking it offers, her team has benefited greatly.  She is looking forward to working with teams across Canada to expand DfG’s impact on Canadian girls and women.