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DfG volunteers all over Canada create these innovative washable menstrual care kits uniquely designed to wash with little water and dry quickly. Successfully proven worldwide to last 2 - 5 years with proper care.

And each comes with DfG wellness education

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We provide education to girls and women in developing countries on hygiene, menstruation, reproduction, self-defense, and human trafficking so that they may have the tools required to stay in school, further their education, and avoid exploitation.  This education is provided with the distribution of Days for Girls Kits.

Powerful Knowledge

Days for Girls Canadian Society efforts to make Days for Girls Kits seeds the market for the work of Days for Girls International who support Days for Girls Enterprises around the globe. These local ambassadors offer DfG's globally proven quality education Ambassador of Women's Health or Men Who Know curriculum, all while providing local jobs and local leadership. In the future DfG Canadian Society will be able to support them directly.

Local Leadership


About us

Days for Girls Canada

is a key part of

Days for Girls International's mission to shatter stigma and limitations

associated with menstruation

for improved

health, education, and livelihoods.

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Meet the Leadership Team

SYD H.jpg

Syd is semi-retired professor turned administrator who lives in Ancaster, ON with his wife Evelyn.  Six years ago, after

Chair of the Board

Syd Hielema


Professionally, Mary was active in Hamilton Home Economics Association, Ottawa Home Economics Association and

Treasurer & Distribution Coordinator

Mary Johnston, B.H.Sc., B.Ed., P.H.Ec.


Norma’s well-tested maxim in life is, "Think big, start small, work hard and never, never quit." Throughout her career


Norma Barber, CCIM


When Terry-Lynn discovered how much girls were discriminated against because of their periods -- she was 

President of the Board

Terry-Lynn Stone


Louise discovered Days for Girls at a booth at a craft show in Edmonton in 2014. She was immediately drawn

Director and Country Coordinator

Louise Colonnier


Maureen O’Donoghue joined the DfGCS Board as Secretary in March 2018. She recently retired from 40 years in Oil and Gas in 

Secretary & Sewing Specialist

Maureen O’Donoghue


Jill’s passion for DfG began in 2013 when her daughter-in-law referred her to a magazine article about the organization.  

Director and Advocacy Coordinator

Jillian Johnston

Join our team of volunteers

Fundraising Coordinator

Position Description:  

In conjunction with the Board and with the help of committees as necessary:

  • research potential fundraising options

  • organize fundraising events 

  • work with the Treasurer to ensure all funds are handled appropriately. 


Essential Functions:

  • Present fundraising options to the Board for discussion and approval

  • Implement the chosen fundraising projects with the help of adhoc committees


Previous Experience:

  • Experience in fundraising would be an asset


Essential Skills:

  • Organizational skills

  • Ability to approach and convince potential donors

  • A willingness to think outside the box.

Distribution Coordinator

Position Description:  

The Distribution Coordinator is responsible for the following:

  • Ensure that Kit Distribution Agreements (KDA) are created for every distribution that is made, whether locally or internationally.

  • Help Chapters and Teams (C/T) find outlets for their Kits by checking with other teams to see if they need additional Kits for a distribution.

  • Help C/T find additional Kits when they are short for a particular distribution.

  • On occasion, educate the C/T on their obligations regarding the Kit Distribution Agreements.


Essential Functions:

  • Monitor the email at least twice a week.

  • Answer questions from C/T about distribution.

  • When Kit distributions have been recorded in SalesForce, follow up if the Kit Distribution Agreement (KDA) is not received within a week.

  • Record the KDAs on a shared drive document.


Essential Skills:

  • Patience!

  • Organizational skills

  • Good communications skills with the ability to explain the process to C/T

Donate to DfG Canada


 DfG Canada is actively fundraising with the goal of

helping Days for Girls reach another million women and girls

with greater menstrual wellness resources and knowledge!

For just $10, help bring dignity and menstrual health to girls around the world! Your gift will help transform her life -- allowing her to stay in school and ending the shame too often associated with periods.


Can we count on you to ensure girls have what they need to succeed?

You can donate money to Days for Girls Canada in three different ways:


1 - Click on the Donate button - This will take you to Canada Helps, a donation platform used by many charities.  You can donate to Days for Girls Canada or to one of the Chapters and Teams listed in the drop down menu.  Canada Helps will issue an immediate receipt for income tax purposes.


2 - Write a cheque and mail it to 

Mary Johnston, DfGCS treasurer, 10, Cyrus Crt, Nepean, ON K2H 9C9


3 - Etransfer to and indicate that it is a donation.  


If you send a cheque or etransfer, please provide your full name, street address and email address.  A receipt for income tax purposes will be issued to you at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

We also accept In kind donations

We are always delighted to receive donations of fabric *, underwear **, travel size soap and washcloths ***.  If you wish to donate these items, please contact your nearest Chapter or Team to make arrangements (see our map under Chapters and Teams).  Here is what you should know about the materials we use.

*100% cotton or cotton flannel - Bright colors and busy prints help hide stains and are well received. Military style/colored camouflage patterns, flag prints or prints showing religious symbols are not appropriate to use in DfG Kits.  Fabrics for bags can be a cotton/polyester blend.

** Panties should be 100% cotton. Boy shorts and bikinis are not suitable.

*** Washcloths can be thin because thicker washcloths can be difficult to dry in humid climates.


Chapters and Teams

Find a Chapter or Team Near You:

Days for Girls Canada consists of approximately 80 Chapters and Teams in 9 provinces.


Teams are groups of at least two committed volunteers, led by a Team Leader, who seek to support and further the DfG mission on a community level. No two Teams look alike, but each plays an indispensable role in reaching women and girls throughout the world. They ensure that the group’s activities align with DfG’s mission, standards and guidelines. Teams have a profound impact on those they serve and with whom they serve. Team members sew Kits, fundraise and / or create awareness of menstrual issues facing girls


All groups start as a Team and may choose to upgrade to a Chapter after meeting certain benchmarks. Days for Girls Chapters are flags on the planet and the heart of Days for Girls. A Chapter is a group of committed volunteers, led by a Chapter Director, who seek to support and further the DfG mission on a larger community level. Chapters commit to being a communication and collection point for their area. Chapters are committed to creating complete DfG Kits, spreading awareness, and raising support. Chapters work with their Country Coordinator to serve as mentors for other groups. 

Interested in starting your own Team?
Find out more HERE!

What we do

The DfG Kit

The DfG Kit is the cornerstone of Days for Girls.

Each DfG Kit has been hand-sewn by volunteers or enterprise leaders who are held to our quality standards. Why? Because what the girls see matters; to us and to them. No one wants to use ugly period products — not even those of us with easy access to them. Have you seen Tampax boxes lately? They’re beautiful, and that’s on purpose. DfG Kits are no different! We want the girls to love them and feel comfortable using them. 

That’s why all of our Kit components come in a beautiful drawstring bag. The fabrics are bright to make each user feel special. The drawstring is made extra long so that girls can carry their Kit like a backpack. After all, many girls have to walk long distances to school or work, and this makes it handy for her to carry her pads … and whatever else she needs.

Here’s what is packed inside the drawstring bags:

  • Two pairs of underwear: A crucial part of the DfG Kit is underwear, because if girls don’t have somewhere to put the pads, they can’t use them. The other elements, shields and liners, can’t function without underwear, and we don’t ever want that to be a barrier for a girl in need.

  • Two shields: Think of these as a pad with wings. They are made from two pieces of cotton (with moisture-barrier fabric between to prevent leaks), and wings that fold around her underwear and snap in place. Our shields are made of beautiful, printed fabrics for comfort — and to hide stains. They have two pockets on either side of the shield that hold our liners in place. The pockets are deep enough for double or triple liners when she has a heavy flow.

  • Eight liners: These liners go in the shields and act as the “pad” part of the Kit. Our liners look like washcloths. That’s so girls can wash and hang them out to dry without any embarrassment. They are made from 100% cotton flannel so they’re washable with very little water and quick to dry in the sun.

  • Soap and washcloth: We add a few extras in her Kit, including a bar of soap for washing her pads, and a washcloth for cleansing her body. There’s no better feeling than a nice shower during your period. It makes you feel fresh, clean, and ready to take on the world. Girls who receive DfG Kits deserve that same feeling, but may not have access to these items. By including them in the Kit, we ensure that all girls can take care of themselves — and their liners.

  • Instructions: This is one of the most important aspects of the Kit! We provide a pictorial instruction sheet that shows how to use the shields and liners, as well as how to wash them. But that’s not all! On the back side, there is a menstrual chart to help track periods. This helps each user know when to expect her period, so she can bring her supplies with her. 

  • Transport bag: All of the kits also include a transport bag that acts as a dirty laundry hamper as well as a washing machine. The bag, made of a moisture proof fabric, is designed so she can discreetly carry her soiled liners back home or on her way to wash them. 


Kits are not just handed out to the girls.  They come with an essential educational component.

Days for Girls is committed to ensuring that DfG Kits are distributed with personally delivered menstrual health and hygiene education, except in a few very rare circumstances (i.e. emergency relief situations). Our Days for Girls health education covers many important topics including menstrual and reproductive health, personal hygiene, self defense, sex trafficking, and how to care for the DfG Kit. The full course takes approximately one and a half to two hours to teach. 

The vital nature of our health curriculum cannot be overstated. It is as important as the DfG Kit itself! 

Thank you for helping us ensure that every single DfG Kit arrives along with AWH education to shatter stigma, and to help girls understand that having a period is a healthy part of being a woman!


Period Promise

Days for Girls Kamloops partnered with the United Way in their Period Promise program which is aimed at alleviating period poverty right here in Canada by providing women and girls with an environmentally sustainable alternative to disposables.

Businesses in Kamloops donated money and disposable products to the United Way as a means of supporting this important project. Period Promise is linked to the Tampon Tuesday project also spearheaded by the United Way.

When Days for Girls Kamloops was asked to participate “we jumped at the chance” said co-leader Trudi Backman. “This was the perfect way to support our local community with a product we usually send abroad” she said.

Roberta Kjelson, also a member of the Kamloops Team, explained that there are three reasons why women like to use reusable kits.  First, it cuts costs considerably. These kits, offered free of charge to anyone who needs them, allows women and girls to allocate monies they would otherwise have to spend on disposables, to other family expenses. Secondly, the kits are good for the environment. “We all know the high social and environmental cost of disposing of millions of pads and tampons in our waste facilities,” said Kjelson.

The third reason for the success of the kits, is that some women are allergic to disposable products and find these kits so much more comfortable and hygienic.

DfG Kamloops is delighted to partner with the United Way on this wonderful project and to be such a good part of the solution for so many women and girls.

After all, Days for Girls is all about reaching Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.


Advocacy in Action

DfG Canada is happy to announce a new partnership with Period Promise.  Everything we do to advocate for period equity in our own communities is another step forward in advocacy for all the Canadians who can benefit from our support.  We encourage all DfG Chapters and Teams to consider approaching organizations in your area who are already getting involved in the movement to end period poverty, and offering to partner with them.



Diva International Inc.

Since 2001, Diva International Inc. (Diva) has been challenging the period status quo with the DivaCup®, the original, reusable, convenient silicone menstrual cup which is also the top selling menstrual cup in the world.

Diva have moved beyond tradition, redesigning the look and feel of the feminine hygiene industry with better products and a better name – period care.


We are delighted that Diva International has agreed to partner with us, through their social impact program DivaCares, and supply Canadian Chapters and Teams with Diva cups for our DfG hybrid kits.  Hybrid kits contain the Days for Girls shields and liners but also provide menstrual cups and one or two disposable products.  The hybrid kits are distributed to local food banks and women’s shelters to help women who are going through a stressful time.


They have pledged to partner with us going forward.  Thank you to the DivaCares program for  this very important partnership.  This will definitely help us reach Every Girl, Everywhere, Period.

World Vision Canada

Days for Girls Canada has partnered with World Vision Canada’s (WVC) Resource in Kind section for a few years now.  WVC has projects going on all over the world and our Kits are a perfect complement to the work they are doing.  WVC collects the Kits at their expense and ships them by container along with other supplies destined for their various projects.  

WVC representatives in the field, working on these projects, have taken the Ambassador of Women’s Health Course provided by Days for Girls International, which allows them to carry out the education portion of our work.  WVC have distributed Kits on our behalf in many countries around the world and in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa.  




Phone: 780-566-4544 or 780-231-8112


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