Changing the world

Every Days for Girls member is an Advocate for Menstrual Health and Hygiene. (MHH) In Canada that means we have hundreds of advocates. Every time we participate in the making of a DfG Kit, every time we tell someone about what we do, every time we encourage others to support our work, we are advocating for Every Girl. Everywhere. Period. We are doing our part to end period poverty!
But there is more to be done. If you have experienced a DfG distribution you know first hand that addressing the challenges faced by people with periods also means tackling the stigma attached to menstruation. We know that even in Canada menstrual inequity is an undeniable driver of school absenteeism, classroom and public shaming, missed opportunities, and more, all of which lead to more inequities.
We need to end period humiliation and degradation!
We need to shatter the stigma!
We need to shift the global menstrual health paradigm!
We are building momentum. Led by DfGI and our DfG Global Advocacy Coordinator we are setting both internal and external goals for Canadian Advocacy. We are liaising within MHH and related sectors (gender equity, disability, education, WASH, and humanitarian responses). We are creating and strengthening partnerships and coalitions with other development stakeholders (MHH champions, governments, academics, nonprofits, funders, and businesses). With our Teams of advocates across the country to help us coordinate our efforts, we will add our DfGC voices to the global movement that is underway. We will change the world for everyone who menstruates.