Kit Distributions

Days for Girls UK continues to distribute Days for Girls Kits to communities worldwide. These projects are successful through our Teams generous donation of materials, time and sewing expertise as well as the Days for Girls UK Leadership Team who organise and support partnerships with wonderful organisations. We are so thankful for the inspiring organisations who we partner with to make these distributions a possibility. 

Sao Tome Distribution by The British Embassy in Luanda

In February 2024, 100 Kits were sent to the British Embassy in Luanda. The Embassy Team then traveled to Sao Tome island, which is 1,246km from the capital of Luanda, and distributed the Kits. Twenty-five medical students at the University of Sao Tome and Principe undertook the AWH training and received DFG kits from the Embassy staff.

ANAH Angola Distribution

In September 2023, the Assoçiacao National de Ajuda Humanitaria (ANAH Angola) and a Days for Girls UK team member distributed 550 DFG kits. The British Embassy in Luanda supported the delivery of the kits to Angola. The Director of Rural Education selected five schools over a distance of 160 km and has given DFG UK and ANAH permission to continue our work in the province.

Motlaletsi Girls Club

In August 2023, 50 DFG kits were delivered to Botswana to our partner, the Motlaletsi Girls Club. The Club is run and organized by the fantastic Agrieneth, who supports it by holding sewing workshops and teaching the girls to sew items that can be sold locally.

Mines Advisory Group Angola

In September 2022, 75 Days for Girls kits were delivered to the women’s landmine clearance operatives who work for the Mines Advisory Group Angola (MAG Angola). They also received our menstrual health education session delivered by their HR manager, whom DFG UK had trained. This employee then distributed 125 DFG kits to local healthcare workers at the Luena Maternity Hospital and the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy clinic.


In March 2022, Days for Girls partnered with For-Ethiopia, a small charity based in Bristol, UK who work in 27 rural farmers association and 3 kebeles in Ejere, part of the Oromia region of Ethiopia. They have worked in water, health and education sector for the past 17 years and are increasingly working on girls education. Girls in the local community have asked them specifically for reusable pads. In April, 2022 For-Ethiopia distributed 500 Days for Girls UK Kits to these girls. For-Ethiopia sent us this wonderful photo alongside positive feedback from the girls who all loved their new Kit.

SIDRA Somalia

In October 2021, Days for Girls UK partnered with The Somali Institute for Development Research and Analysis (SIDRA), a non-profit research and policy analysis think tank who aim to provide research and development services to communities in Somalia to contribute to the development priorities of the country. Within this they focus a lot of their work on gender and women’s empowerment, creating gender and empowerment programmes and initiatives to supply to their partners in Somalia. This partnership was founded by one of our volunteers, who organised the distribution and fundraised for the Kits to be shipped. An incredible achievement and we are thrilled to have members of our community who are so dedicated to reaching women and girls. 

In March 2022, SIDRA successfully distributed the Days for Girls Kits to school girls in 3 regions of Puntland, Somalia focusing on IDPs and those most in need.



In October 2021 DfG UK partnered with Mustard Seed Jersey, an organisation who deliver humanitarian aid to Romania. 

Mustard Seed Jersey is a small independent charity, run entirely by volunteers. They provide humanitarian support to those in need, with the goal of self-sufficiency in mind. Their work ranges from delivering food parcels to supporting victims of human trafficking to rebuild their lives.  

Days for Girls UK sent 100 Kits which arrived in Romania in December 2021. However, the local social worker distributing the kits was not able to start this process until January 2022 due to Covid restrictions. She delivered the kits along with education to local women, in a socially distanced manner outdoors, as pictured. Her feedback included that “I have a great time together with the girls, they really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about menstruation and discuss an otherwise rather taboo subject”. All of the women who were given kits are below the poverty line but do have access to clean water. They were very interested in the new experience of using reusable kits and delighted to no longer have to try and find money for disposable products. Those who have used their kits so far have reported them to be excellent. 

Due to this positive feedback, we hope we will be partnering with Mustard Seed again in Romania later in 2022.

Together We Learn, Ethiopia

Days for Girls UK donated 500 Kits and education to Together we Learn in October 2021. These Kits have steadily been delivered to schoolgirls in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. We have received some wonderful feedback from the girls and the photos below. We look forward to hearing more feedback as our partnership continues.

Ethiopia Deaf Project

In February 2021, Days for Girls UK partnered with Ethiopia Deaf Project, a voluntary organisation committed to raising funds and donations for the education of the deaf children at the Ambo Lazarist Deaf School in Ethiopia. Children who are deaf and living in rural communities are often marginalised and have very little access to school. Therefore, to be able to aid in keeping these girls in a school specialised for their learning is a huge success and honour for Days for Girls UK. 

The teacher distributing the DfG UK Kits fed back that, ‘the Kits are a great success with the girls are so proud of themselves and feel very special to have the Kits. They are changing the Girls lives!’




For Days for Girls UK to reach many women, girls and communities worldwide we need support in various areas of our projects. In-kind donations and support from specialised companies all come together to help make the DfG Kit and get it to the people who need them most. We thank all of our partners for their continued support and if you or your company would like to get involved with Days for Girls UK, please email us on


In April 2022, Days for Girls UK partnered with DHL Global. We spent a day packing our Kits with their managers graduate class of 2022. It was a wonderful day full of interesting conversation and collaboration. We packed almost 200 Kits and with another 300 from our volunteers, DHL have sponsored shipment of 500 Kits to Tanzania. This is an incredibly generous donation and we are thrilled to be reaching 500 menstruators who we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. Thank you DHL!

Thermo Fisher Scientific

We partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2021 when one of our Team members approached her company to collaborate with us. They chose Days for Girls UK as part of their ‘Get Involved Days’ and since then have been purchasing and organising for thousands of pairs of pants to be donated to Days for Girls UK. This is a fantastic donation as it means our Teams can spend their funds on materials and therefore make more Kits. The pants are often one of the more expensive components of our Kits, so Thermo Fisher Scientific’s donations are allowing us to reach more menstruators. Thank you Thermo Fisher Scientific!