Jenny Hoffmann

Jenny was born in Cape Town, South Africa but came to England with her parents as a small child and received all her schooling here. Just before qualifying as a chartered accountant, however, she met a South African human rights lawyer, fell in love and returned with him to Johannesburg where she spent the next 20 years. 

Ten years ago, Jenny returned to the UK with her husband in tow and settled happily in the Cotswolds which is conveniently connected to international airports and has good broadband which were the main requirements for her to continue her work as an international consultant. . Jenny’s whole career has been dedicated to making a difference to the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. She has worked for NGOs, government organisations and banks. Her current work helps organisations to offer financial products that are affordable and meet the needs of those without access to these services. For the last 10 years she has consulted in multiple countries in Africa and Asia and from Moldova to Papua New Guinea.

Jenny has enjoyed working with young people as a Governor of the local sixth form college and is also a Director of a Not for Profit based in Chicago which advises financial institutions in emerging markings who want to develop products for small businesses. Her most recent achievement has been to earn an MSc from the University of London in Human Computer Interaction Design and she has already started using these new skills to help clients to design even better products and services.