Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)

Since 2019, DfGU and Good Neighbours International have partnered with senior women, male teachers, and parents in Jinja District Eastern region to educate boys and girls about the reproductive system, the menstrual cycle and good menstrual hygiene. Each of the trained girls are also provided Days for Girls dignity kits (pads and supplies). Through our “Build your Own” program, we teach them to sew emergency  pads in the event of future crises.  

Since 2019, we have educated 2,131 parents and students and provided 1,229 dignity kits.

Access to Protection, Empowerment, Accountability and Leadership

Since 2021, DfGU, CARE International and other partners, have received funding from European Commission Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) to provide menstrual health education and products to refugees in the settlements of Kyaka II and Kyangwali and the host communities. Through our “Build your Own” program, we are also skilling them to create their own emergency products in the event of a future crisis.  

Through this program, we have supplied 9,000 women and girls with dignity products and educated 2,916 men and boys through our Men Who Know program. 



GIZ Sanitation 4 Millions (2019)

The GIZ Sanitation for Millions program supports improved access to sanitation and hygiene for vulnerable people. 

As part of this project, DfGU contributed a targeted menstrual health intervention for boys, girls, teachers, and parents to promote improved knowledge, attitudes, and practices around reproductive health, menstrual hygiene, and access to products. In six primary schools in Kampala and Apa, we trained students in Primary four to Primary seven classes, as well as senior women and men teachers. We provided menstrual health education, covering topics including: hygiene, anatomy, puberty, menstruation, menopause, strong choices, and self-defense. Interspersed with the knowledge portion of the training were hands-on sewing activities where students learned to make washable pads in the form of DfG kits which included a liner, shield and the bag.

Impact of our Work 
Make your Own Training  Ambassadors of Women’s Health
Girls Boys Teachers Women Men
Kampala 545 525 94 441 270
Apac 33 27 3 27 20

Menstrual Hygiene Management Training (2019)

Through a partnership with Good Neighbors/KOICA, DfGU landed an opportunity to conduct sexual and reproductive health training sessions in the Primary Schools of Buyala, Wanyange, Mafubira and Kiira. The sessions were designed to empower the girl child in the areas of health, education, and human rights and reduce the vulnerability and social risks such as early marriage and pregnancy, school dropout, menstrual challenges among others all associated with menstruation hygiene poverty. Meanwhile, the Enterprise Program equipped the pupils’ parents with hands-on skills to manufacture DfG washable pads and liquid soap which they in turn sell to supplement their households incomes and earn better livelihoods.

Twelve hundred girls from the Jinja district attended our training. And, 150 parents – both men and women – participated in our capacity building programs.