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You can see for yourself the importance of these kits. Please let us know where you are going and share your experiences and the stories of the girls you reach by clicking here.  
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  • DfG Kit Care Booklet:  This booklet will NOT replace the education that should come with DfG Kits, but it should be included in distribution if there is any chance education might not happen or if you have reason to believe that retention of the information needs reinforcement.

    • English

    • Spanish

    • Arabic

  • The Official DfG Ambassador of Women's Health Flipchart: Full color posters and step by step guidelines. Discounts are given to those who complete the AWH Course.

  • A beachball can be a great activity just before starting the session to help break down walls of discomfort.

  • Permanent markers for the girls and women to initial their DfG kit components to identify their own supplies if drying in community areas (ie: boarding school).

  • Laundry soap bars: Many of those who distribute DfG Kits purchase additional soap in-country to give with the DfG Kit.

  • Tippy Tap hand-washing station instructions: This is a great activity that provides simple and effective hygiene solutions for a community. It is also a great activity for engaging the boys while the girls are in their DfG session.

Share tips for safer DAYS 

Brush up on safety because you are about to empower girls!  Imagine living where the concept of protecting yourself is not a thought. Imagine being shamed and outcast if you were raped.
This is a chance to share tips on how to defend herself.

Our self-defense poster is here... survive and safety is the highlight. It all leads to a powerful discussion opportunity, and more safety for girls.



Show them how DfG Kits work.

This is VITAL. If recipients don't know how to use DfG kits properly, they can cause health problems for themselves as well as drastically shorten the lifespan of the DfG Kit.


Proper care is vital to ensure no infection happens. Have someone stand up front and demonstrate over their pants how to snap the shield onto the panties and pull them up.


Explain how to add the liners into the shield and how to layer more than one liner for days when their flow is heavy. Many girls like to start with two liners in their shield "just in case". Then they only need to replace the top layer if the second has not become soiled.  Show how to remove and fold their soiled liner and tuck it in their Ziploc or wetbag and then apply a new liner.


Explain how to launder and that drying in the sun is essential to killing any germs.


Pass out the DfG kits and have one of the girls volunteer to "be the teacher" and repeat what you showed as the girls try it themselves.


Be sure to have fun and have Q & A afterwards. Remind them that DfG kits can last 2 -3 years and that how long they last is determined by how well they care for their DfG kits.

Empower healthier DAYS

Glitter is a great way to show how germs spread. Spread a small amount of Vaseline on a small ball and add glitter ahead of time. Toss to the girls and have them pass it. Explain that germs are so tiny that we can't see them with our eyes but just like the glitter, they transfer from objects to our hands and get passed on to cause illness like diarrhea, and more. There is an easy way to stop the spreading-- Washing your hands gets rid of more than 98%. Then introduce hygiene and hand washing, and the Tippy Tap Station. (See video link)


While the girls are meeting, boys can be guided in building a Tippy Tap and have a discussion about sensitivity regarding menstruation and choosing ahead of time that their future family can be without domestic violence.



Teaching reproductive health is almost as important as the kits themselves. Imagine not knowing why you were "bleeding" or thinking it was a curse due to your having done doing something wrong. Some women have even believed their menses was the first sign of HIV. Now imagine that you learn what a period is and the miracle it is, that without periods there would be no people. You   learn that nearly every woman in the world shares this remarkable process. You learn what is happening in their bodies and why and how pregnancy happens.  Knowledge is the best way to protect girls. Gender shame drops away and in its place is strength. Trust us, the results are amazing.

Be open, honest and allow plenty of time for Q & A.​


The Official DfG Ambassador of Women's Health Flipchart is really helpful in covering it all easily and well. 

Laundering tips help ease DAYS 

It's vital for the health of those using kits and the long term health of the kit that all recipients learn how to use and properly care for them. Girls should always be instructed to keep soiled components in their extra baggie to be washed daily. The soiled pads should first be rinsed-- this can even be "gray water" (water used for other purposes, such as cooking or cleaning). Then they should gently swish or knead the components just

a bit (very gently, we don't want to wear the bag). Then spill away the most "colorful" water into the latrine or toilet where available. In any case, an area away from households and public (some areas designate a drainage area.) Many cultures have aversion to handling menses so this pre-wash phase is an important part of enabling easy care. At this point the kits are quite easy to clean with very little soap and water. Important: Kit components should be dried in the sun (its rays have anti-microbal properties),or ironed to dry. DfG Super Volunteers work to make kits colorful, which helps pads not look like pads... so it's possible for women and girls to hang them out in the sun.


What if they don't have access to water? Then washable kits are not

for them... until they have access to water. A clean kit is a healthy kit. Period.

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