Omar Cobox

Omar Cobox is a Maya Kaqchiquel human rights and youth activist from Tecpán, Guatemala who has been with Days for Girls since 2018. He serves as DfG Guatemala Country Representative, and is on a mission to ensure that all Guatemalan women and girls have access to DfG’s life-changing products.

Omar first joined Days for Girls Guatemala as a program manager – a role that afforded him the opportunity to learn about, and engage with, every social enterprise in Latin America. He has been trained in human rights, youth, gender equality and community communication, and holds a degree in Social Juridical Sciences, Lawyer and Notary at the University of San Carlos Guatemala. He is also a former grantee of the U.S. Department of State and represented Guatemala on the American Council of Young Political Leaders, ACYPL in Washington DC and Boston in 2020.

Omar is currently nominated for the national Young Leadership Award in Guatemala for his leadership in empowerment projects like the ABC of Human Rights, The School of Women Leaders and the production of the documentary Kik' Voces Menstruantes.