The Power Of Local Leadership

At Days for Girls, we recognize that local leaders are best positioned to drive sustainable, long-lasting change in their communities. Our Social Entrepreneurship program equips women and men with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to do exactly that! As DfG Social Entrepreneurs, local leaders are able to serve menstruators in their countries while also earning an income. It’s a win-win system that uplifts and transforms communities from the inside out.

How Does it Work?

DfG Social Entrepreneurs who have completed our Social Entrepreneurship Program establish DfG Enterprises in their community.

Why are Social Entrepreneurs vital to our mission?

This is the best way to create long-term, sustainable change.

  • The Social Entrepreneurship model supports local ownership, ensuring that communities are invested in meeting their own needs.
  • DfG Enterprises generate income and jobs to support education, transportation, housing and other resources needed to improve livelihoods and increase community development.
  • Local Enterprises ensure the sustainability of our programs, as more women and girls gain access to menstrual health solutions for themselves and their families. 
  • Social Entrepreneurs become champions and thought leaders in their communities and countries. They work to shatter stigma and limitations, not only through their business and education activities, but also through advocacy at the local and national levels – thus influencing positive change for menstruators in their countries.

Learn how it all comes together

Learn more about our hybrid model that is broken down by Impact Zones and includes both Social Entrepreneurs and volunteer-led solutions.

Impact Zones