Happy Birthday, Days for Girls!

Twelve years ago, a photo of Kenyan girls in red sweater school uniforms captured the birth of Days for Girls. They each clutched the first version of a Days for Girls Kit.

Before we came, the girls sat on pieces of cardboard waiting for their periods to end...for days. My joy in that moment broke when one nearest to me smiled and said, “Thank you so much. Before you came we had to let them use us if we wanted to leave the room and go to class.” Behind her girls nodded in agreement. They later confirmed that they were being sexually exploited in exchange for a single disposable pad.

That was the moment Days for Girls was born.

Today, we are celebrating 12 years and 1.8 million women and girls served at Days for Girls International. Thank you for your continued support of this very important work – it’s amazing what we have accomplished together.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past 12 years, it is to never underestimate the power of a girl. Perhaps that is because I was once in her shoes. I knew what it felt like to feel invisible, and yet inside I believed I could do and be something special – if I was only given the chance. We all can.

As we head into the holidays, this is a time to think of how we can open doors for more girls all around the world who are just waiting for their chance. I hope you will join me in being a part of our holiday campaign: She's Got This, We’ve Got Her. Period. I am so inspired everyday by these amazing young women (along with some pretty incredible young men).

Please help us reach a total of 2 million women and girls by Dec. 31st – that’s just 200,000 in the next few months. (We can totally do this!)

I believe wholeheartedly that she's got this. And I believe that together, we’ve got her.

In gratitude, Celeste Mergens

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