Highlighting strong women leaders: Honorable Soipan Tuya of Kenya endorses Days for Girls

We know that to build a movement to reach Everygirl.Everywhere.Period it takes all of us--including government champions like the Honorable Soipan Tuya from Kenya. As an early advocate to advance women’s rights, and one of only a few Masai women elected to office, she recognizes that the opportunity she was given to receive an education was all too rare within her village.

It is no surprise then, that from the start of her political career, Tuya has made it a priority to ensure that girls and women have equal opportunity for, and access to education, and the resources needed to excel. Removing barriers—including lack of sanitary supplies— was a top concern. So when Days for Girls' new Advocacy Director, Diana Nelson, and local Enterprise leader, Christine Okili, approached her about joining forces, it was a perfect match.

On September 13, 2018, the Hon.Tuya and our DfG team traveled to the Central Rift Valley, in the Narok County region, to meet 362 Masai school girls and their mothers to conduct a DfG Ambassadors for Women’s Health class and distribute DfG Kits.

During their visit, Tuya stressed that the girls had been given an opportunity that would make a true impact on their lives; an opportunity of dignity, an opportunity to continue attending school during their period, and an opportunity to participate more actively in class when they are menstruating.

“I’m really touched by the work Days for Girls is doing.” Tuya stated when talking about DfG. “…we have given the girls of Kuntai an opportunity to be better women tomorrow; they know that they can stand up, be who they are, embrace their femininity, and…be proud women, confident women.”

This recent distribution is just the start of a larger effort to reach women and girls throughout Kenya with accessible, affordable, and economically friendly menstrual solutions.

Days for Girls is grateful for the support of the Honorable Tuya; this partnership will further our goal to shatter stigma around menstruation, turning periods into pathways.

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