Hello from Zimbabwe!

Hello from Zimbabwe!

(This post was orginally published on June 15, 2012 on blogspot)

Hello from Zimbabwe! We're here and our layover in Frankfurt may have helped with the jetlag a bit.

Today we mostly spent two hours trying to figure out how to print four letters for dignitaries to request meetings, all without power or wifi. This took visits to a cafe with wifi (where unfortunately Kayte and I had to purchase a hot chocolate to merit a space at a table. I know, someone had to make the sacrifice) followed by a visit to a cyber cafe to do the printing. But the first cafe had power, so even though it was a drawn out process to get on the wifi, at least our laptop got charged up!

Then we mostly prepared for distribution tomorrow by gathering the in-country supplies and readying to watch the Zimbabwe team teach 50 girls to make their own kits. These are the women our team trained in October, so we get to record the results. That and the items we brought with us this time will start going into action first thing in the AM.

Thank you to all of you who contributed to make this all possible. All who donated, all who sent in items, and all who helped pack it all up. Monday we start our travels to gather the stories of those who have kits now in thanks to their efforts and yours and to record the stories and surveys of results. So soon you will have many more stories of the difference it makes. We can't wait!

Pray that Kayte and Celeste can be expert filmers and photographers. Celeste is going to try to be David Perry and Lee Groberg and Kayte is going to be Cheyenne Ellis. Yeah, wish us luck.

Okay, have to go back to bed. The power is usually on in the middle of the night and you know how jetlag works. It's 3:32 and we have to be up in 3 hours to go start our recording of the miracles YOU all make possible in so many ways.

Thanks for all you do. We'll keep in touch. Photos tomorrow!

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