The DfG International Internship Program offers a variety of internship opportunities with our DfG Centers around the globe. These internship opportunities span three months, and will provide the unique experience to engage in on-the-ground community development with DfG Centers & Micro-Enterprises. 


The 2017 International Internship Program is officially live! We are accepting applications between now & March 31st, 2017. 


Apply today, using our Online Application.

* Please note: only short-listed candidates will be contacted for further information & for an interview for the internship.

    • Production Support Intern:
      Analyzing supply chain gaps
      Moving around to supply partners and collecting relevant information on them, including creating files on each supply partner with their supply contract in place
      Working closely with the Admin Officer to systematize their supply/ordering timeline processes
      Working with the Sewing Officer to organize the inventory system and to organize how materials are brought into the office and how they move around from there
      Creating a map that can be put up on a wall of the office that visually outlines the entire value chain process (using colorful paper, markers, paint, whatever else)
      Conducting sessions with production team on the value of efficiency, customer care, merchandizing, quality control, etc.

    • Program Support Intern:
      Attending and evaluating training
      Writing feedback for trainers and conducting personal action plans for improving trainings in weak spots
      Looking out for ways to improve trainings in terms of: organization, content delivery, teaching methods, visuals, planning, evaluating, cost effectiveness
      Documenting trainings and ensuring that photos and stories are uploaded appropriately to drive, facebook, blog, etc.
      Working closely with Program Officer to ensure long-term sustainability of activities developed by Program Support Intern

    • Media & Marketing Intern:
      Taking photos and stories from DfG events
      Representing DfG at local events (alongside local staff member)
      Seeking out opportunities for DfG to be more visible in community/country/media
      Updating DfG social media for that specific country - in some cases opening social media accounts that don’t exist yet (Instagram, Twitter)
      Passing along marketing skills to local staff members

    • A Days for Girls Intern should be:
      A self-starter
      Able to work with minimal supervision in a quickly-changing environment
      Experienced in the area where they will be providing support
      Comfortable finding their own entertainment on weekends
      Experience communicating in cross-cultural environments
      Willing to commit a minimum of one month
      Willing to self-fund or fundraise for all costs associated with the internship

    • ** All DfG International Internships are self-funded intern opportunities. At this point in time, DfG International is not able to offer financial support for these positions. Specific cost estimates will be provided once an internship opportunity is offered.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Only short-listed internship candidates will be contacted for further information & for an internship interview.

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