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Thank you for your important efforts to help women and girls have Days for Girls Kits. Read on below to find helpful resources, including many that can be ordered directly from DfG through our wholesale Kit-making supplies shop. The link for that is the button directly below. But there are more resources if you read on too!

PUL Moisture Barrier for Shields

          USA Teams can purchase PUL wholesale HERE if you are creating DfG Kits.

          Australian PUL can be found at or link HERE 

         UK PUL can be found at  Official Chapters and Teams can get a discount. Link HERE

You can also try local fabric shops (Joann, Hancock, Hobby Lobby, etc) and use coupons to save... but seriously, try your country program first. It will save SO much. Or you can purchase from DfG through some Chapters. Ask on Chapter Chat if you're not certain. And be sure to click on the Country Resources links.

Note: Each yard makes approx. 30 shields if you tessellate the pattern, 20 if you do not. What does tessellate mean? Tracing the pattern so that it fits closely together like a puzzle to maximize the pieces per yard. ​Alternatives do NOT work as well. They either do not hold up as well, nor launder as well, or may crack or crinkle, become brittle or lose their waterproofing. We have tried many, many alternatives, and so far, this is best.



Labels for Drawstring Bags

DfG labels for your Kits' drawstring bags are available to order directly from DfGI in our online Resource Shop. They are sold at cost in sets of 25 labels.




Cotton/cotton blend underwear (nylon causes chafing ). No thongs, or boy shorts. No faces or animals.  We dye white to help hide stains.

DfG Kit Care and Menstrual Calendar visual instruction sheet​​​​​​​​​​​ (Download this 2 sided file to print here)


100% Quality Cotton - The Days for Girls shield and drawstring bag should be sewn using high quality, 100% woven cotton fabric. Bright, colorful fabrics work best. Please refer to our Fabric Guidelines for specific requirements. 


100% Cotton Flannel - The Days for Girls liner is made using 100% quality cotton flannel. There are many retailers online and locally for flannel.  All Chapters and Teams get access to a wholesale fabric supplier. 


Ribbon Drawstring -  We are always on the lookout for quality plus value. Gifts International has the best prices that our volunteers have found so far. You can use this link to buy their 5/8" ribbon (1/2" also works for the bags).


Plastic Snaps - For hygiene, comfort and longevity, we use KamSnaps, size 20, standard length prong. Don't have snap capacity? No worries, send them to the DfG USA Office or a Chapter near you, and volunteers will apply snaps to your shields to make more Kits possible!  DfG USA - 304 S Main St. #300, Centerville UT 84014


Hotel Soap - You can often get hotel soap donated from supporters mobilized to collect soap while on trips. Its a great way to raise awareness and get people involved. Also, many local hotels will donate soap. You'll soon have enough to share with local homeless shelters! Trust us on that.  Or, use this link to purchase hotel size soaps from National Hospitality Supply for less than $50 for 500 bars (one option is Royal Leaf size 1 1/2 Paper wrap in a case of 500).


Because color is best when it comes to hiding stains, make white panties a colorful solution for the girls and women who receive your DfG Kits:  Immersion Dyeing instructions for white/light fabrics.


Do you have ideas for in-kind and/or discount options? Great! Please contact us.

The Ambassador of Women's Health Flipchart

A wonderful tool to aid you in your presentation with important points of discussion and images.

Donations, Checks, and Correspondence: 

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Telephone: 360-220-8393 

Phone hours: 9AM - 12PM PST​ Monday - Friday

501(c)3 number (EIN): 45-3934671

DfG Kit U.S. Patent No. 9,877,878

Packages, Kits, and In-Kind Donations:

Days for Girls Resource Shop

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