Q. What materials are in DfG Kits?

A. The sewn parts of a DfG Kit (Supreme version) are the pads (which consist of two parts: a shield and a liner) and the drawstring bag. These are made from cotton, flannel, and a moisture barrier called PUL (polyurethane laminate). If you're ready for patterns, go ahead and register to be a Solo Sewist or Team! Patterns will be available to you right away.

Q. Do Teams, Chapters, and Sewists raise their own funds?

A. Yes, the materials for each Kit cost approximately $10. Many Chapters, Teams, and Sewists receive donations of fabric and other materials for Kits. You are welcome to hold a supply drive at any point - doing so is a great way to get started, and a great way to continue building awareness about Days for Girls. DfG also offers wholesale pricing on PUL to all Chapters, Teams, and Super Solo Sewists. Labels and other materials can also be purchased through DfG. 

Q. What Are the Benefits of Starting a Team or Becoming a Sewist?

Benefits of registering as either a Team or Sewist:

1.) Being part of an awesome cause and connecting with a vibrant global community

2.) DfG Kit patterns and instructional videos - these are available to registered Sewists, Teams, and Chapters

3.) Access to DfG wholesale pricing for materials such as PUL, snaps, etc. 

4.) Integration into the DfG distribution network — know where to send your DfG Kits and see how you're making a difference

5.) Support, resources, and global updates from Days for Girls International.

Benefits ONLY available to Teams/Chapters?

1.) A DfG email address, which means you can be listed on the DfG website

2.) The ability to fundraise under the Days for Girls name — Days for Girls International will set up a fundraising page for you, upon request

3.) A DfG Facebook page, if you would like one

4.) A Team logo

5.)  Being featured in the Days for Girls newsletter

6.) The ability to provide your donors with an official DfG tax receipt

7.) Other additional resources

Q. Where Do Kits Go?

A. Everywhere! Kits have reached women and girls in over 100 countries. Chapters and Teams are welcome to take DfG Kits to an organization or country themselves, after checking with Days for Girls International. If not, just contact distribution@daysforgirls.org and let us know you have DfG Kits to get out into the world.

Q. Can I Make Modifications to the DfG Kit?

A. All changes must be approved by DfG. The DfG Kit itself has been through 28 different iterations - each informed by feedback from women and girls around the world. The Kit is designed to work across a variety of cultural and environmental conditions. If you have any questions about making changes or suggestions, please email chapters@daysforgirls.org.

Q. What if I Don't Sew... Are There Other Ways to Get Involved?

A. Absolutely! Please check out other options under 'Get Involved.' Also, some Chapters and Teams don't sew, but focus on other activities, like fundraising for DfG as a whole, or spreading awareness. If one of these options interests you, please reach out to chapters@daysforgirls.org.

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