What we do

The DfG Kit

The DfG Kit is the cornerstone of Days for Girls.

Each DfG Kit has been hand-sewn by volunteers or enterprise leaders who are held to our quality standards. Why? Because what the girls see matters; to us and to them. No one wants to use ugly period products — not even those of us with easy access to them. Have you seen Tampax boxes lately? They’re beautiful, and that’s on purpose. DfG Kits are no different! We want the girls to love them and feel comfortable using them. 

That’s why all of our Kit components come in a beautiful drawstring bag. The fabrics are bright to make each user feel special. The drawstring is made extra long so that girls can carry their Kit like a backpack. After all, many girls have to walk long distances to school or work, and this makes it handy for her to carry her pads … and whatever else she needs.

Each DfG Kit contains:

● Two pairs of underwear: A crucial part of the DfG Kit is underwear, because if girls can’t secure the shield, they cannot use the kits.

Two shields: They are made from two pieces of cotton (with moisture-barrier fabric between to prevent leaks), and wings that fold around her underwear and snap in place. There are pockets on each end of the shield to hold the liners in place. The pockets are deep enough for double or triple liners when menstrual flow is heavy.

Eight liners: These liners (or pads) go into the shields. The liners look like washcloths so girls can wash and hang them to dry without embarrassment. They are made from 100% cotton flannel so they are washable with very little water and quick to dry in the sun.

Soap and washcloth: We add a bar of soap and a washcloth for taking care of her menstrual hygiene. She can also use the soap to wash her DfG Kit components.

Instructions: This is one of the most important aspects of the DfG Kit! We provide a pictorial instruction sheet that shows how to use the shields and liners, as well as how to wash them. On the back side, there is a menstrual chart to help track periods. This helps each user know when to expect her period, so she can bring her supplies with her.

● Transport bag: All of the kits also include a transport bag to hold soiled liners. The bag, made of a moisture proof fabric, is designed so girls can discreetly carry their soiled liners home to wash.


Kits are not just handed out to the girls.  They come with an essential educational component.

Days for Girls is committed to ensuring that DfG Kits are distributed with personally delivered menstrual health and hygiene education, except in a few very rare circumstances (i.e. emergency relief situations). Our Days for Girls health education covers many important topics including menstrual and reproductive health, personal hygiene, self defense, sex trafficking, and how to care for the DfG Kit. The full course takes approximately one and a half to two hours to teach. 

The vital nature of our health curriculum cannot be overstated. It is as important as the DfG Kit itself! 

Thank you for helping us ensure that every single DfG Kit arrives along with AWH education to shatter stigma, and to help girls understand that having a period is a healthy part of being a woman!


Period Promise

Days for Girls Kamloops partnered with the United Way in their Period Promise program which is aimed at alleviating period poverty right here in Canada by providing women and girls with an environmentally sustainable alternative to disposables.

Businesses in Kamloops donated money and disposable products to the United Way as a means of supporting this important project. Period Promise is linked to the Tampon Tuesday project also spearheaded by the United Way.

When Days for Girls Kamloops was asked to participate “we jumped at the chance” said co-leader Trudi Backman. “This was the perfect way to support our local community with a product we usually send abroad” she said.

Roberta Kjelson, also a member of the Kamloops Team, explained that there are three reasons why women like to use reusable kits.  First, it cuts costs considerably. These kits, offered free of charge to anyone who needs them, allows women and girls to allocate monies they would otherwise have to spend on disposables, to other family expenses. Secondly, the kits are good for the environment. “We all know the high social and environmental cost of disposing of millions of pads and tampons in our waste facilities,” said Kjelson.

The third reason for the success of the kits, is that some women are allergic to disposable products and find these kits so much more comfortable and hygienic.

DfG Kamloops is delighted to partner with the United Way on this wonderful project and to be such a good part of the solution for so many women and girls.

After all, Days for Girls is all about reaching Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.


Advocacy in Action

DfG Canada is happy to announce a new partnership with Period Promise.  Everything we do to advocate for period equity in our own communities is another step forward in advocacy for all the Canadians who can benefit from our support.  We encourage all DfG Chapters and Teams to consider approaching organizations in your area who are already getting involved in the movement to end period poverty, and offering to partner with them.