Diva International Inc.

Since 2001, Diva International Inc. (Diva) has been challenging the period status quo with the DivaCup®, the original, reusable, convenient silicone menstrual cup which is also the top selling menstrual cup in the world.

Diva have moved beyond tradition, redesigning the look and feel of the feminine hygiene industry with better products and a better name – period care.


We are delighted that Diva International has agreed to partner with us, through their social impact program DivaCares, and supply Canadian Chapters and Teams with Diva cups for our DfG hybrid kits.  Hybrid kits contain the Days for Girls shields and liners but also provide menstrual cups and one or two disposable products.  The hybrid kits are distributed to local food banks and women’s shelters to help women who are going through a stressful time.


They have pledged to partner with us going forward.  Thank you to the DivaCares program for  this very important partnership.  This will definitely help us reach Every Girl, Everywhere, Period.

World Vision Canada

Days for Girls Canada has partnered with World Vision Canada’s (WVC) Resource in Kind section for a few years now.  WVC has projects going on all over the world and our Kits are a perfect complement to the work they are doing.  WVC collects the Kits at their expense and ships them by container along with other supplies destined for their various projects.  

WVC representatives in the field, working on these projects, have taken the Ambassador of Women’s Health Course provided by Days for Girls International, which allows them to carry out the education portion of our work.  WVC have distributed Kits on our behalf in many countries around the world and in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa.